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We are RECRUITING members for our LEV9 FARMING Clan. You have to be actively botting, loyal and serious about our Clan.



Archers on at least L6

 always donate:

Archers (L6/7/8 only),

earthquacke (any lev)

and wall wrecker (if you have)

always request

botting at least 8 Hours a day

Active in Clangames 

Follow Rules!



Do NOT talk about the bot in Clash of Clans chat! (We have a Telegram group for that)

Be kind



We have a Telegram group, where we discuss tactics and other stuff. Would be very useful for you to join.



If you like to join, please fill out the following Form and comment here or write it via Tg to Nils. We will review you and you will get the Name/Password to join.





Town Hall Level:

Archer Level:

Preferred Tactic:

Hours spent botting a day:

Telegram available: 



If you have any Questions, feel free to ask :)





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3 hours ago, OttomanKnight said:

Th 9 maxed out (except walls and heroes)

Archers 6

For farming barch, for trophys gowipe (bot sucks at lavaloonion :D)

nearly 24/7

I could just make an account on telegram

Pm sent

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Just now, voudarhs said:

Town Hall Level: 11

Archer Level: 7

Preferred Tactic: Barch (Farming 24/7)

Hours spent botting a day: 24/7

Pm sent

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27 minutes ago, ladson99 said:

Town Hall :8

Archer level: 5

Prefered tactic : Barch 


Pm sent

7 minutes ago, Qaiser Shahzad said:

still recruiting ? th11 lavaloon

Sure, you only get Archers L7 and you are supposed to donate them as well. But up to you...

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