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MyBot Supporter (Multi-Bot)

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Welcome to MyBot.Supporter!

Newest Version Final

  • Sorry to tell that after fixing some bugs then it causes almost 90% functions are not usable again
  • Quick fix for
  • Removed Gitee support because of bad experience on it (Need login to download files)
  • Last version of supporter


Old MyBot.Supporter.Main Update Log:



  • Fixed minor bugs



  • Removed Midnight auto close screen function
  • Fixed MyBot .NET broadcast event window don't closing
  • Removed Hide Emulator + Hide MyBot = Dock and Hide MyBot function
  • Added Telegram ScreenCapt function will screenshot directly from emulators using adb to replace screenshot the whole screen
  • Updated MyBot from the server



  • Fixed Ads Block not refreshing HOSTs
  • Fixed MyBot Main Window Handle capture failure



  • Fixed Start Time & End Time are the same causing no MyBot are launched.
  • Currently Quota Limit system will reset Network Usage calculations every time Supporter closed.
  • Limit Quota Limit to lowest 500 MB usage.
  • Add 10 thousands more new Ads & Miners servers blocking
  • Improved Windows DNS lookup service performance to load all 20k Host
  • Fix Auto Updater froze while update failed
  • Added Manual Update Checker to prevent users missed the update message box while startup
  • Run users customize codes! (View Github or Gitee for more info!)


  • Fix again Update not found error while finished download
  • Fix MyBot's update false report (Keep calling update even MyBot is the newest)
  • Add changing CPU Max performance while CPU Usage OR Temperature (Old version will only use CPU Usage over 70%)
  • Fixed Start Loop of MyBot even MyBot is already running (Causing PC started thousands of MyBot)
  • Fixed Injector Unable to inject ClanGames settings after MyBot's Update
  • Added Compile Button in Injector for user customization Compiling MyBot!
  • Shows Update and Current Version on the title bar
  • Handle MyBot's pops up (AutoIT error & .NET-BroadcastEventWindow)


Version (BETA)

  • Fix Update MyBot error (Update File Not Found)
  • AutoIT Compiler is now in server based to reduce Supporter's size back to 1MB
  • Fixed translation error
  • Added Battle Blimp, Wall Wrecker, and electro dragons into CSV writer and Injector
  • Fixed CSV writer index error
  • Fixed crushes when selecting MyBot.run.exe in first use
  • Supporter is now back to 2MB!! Performance will remains as well!!


Version (Quick Update)

  • Auto Update url error
  • Auto Update pops up System.IO error
  • Do not use (Gitee Auto Update will get into trouble) to update to this version!



  • Add AutoUpdator System
  • Fix OutOfMemory Exception that rare happens
  • Updated CSV Editor UI for more easier editing
  • Auto Update MyBot!!! 
  • Added edit which bot that need to run at runtime (You will not needed to stop all bots and start it again when you just want to enable or disable single bot)
  • Fixed some emulators Dock loop Bug
  • Added newbie splash screen
  • Added support of China's Gitee.com for open source



  • Removed some injector MyBot MODs since MyBot official had added it
  • MyBot Status will able to see resources earning per hour and builder status
  • Fixed MyBot Banner changer always shows no network connection error
  • Fixed MyBot ImgLoc Error Counter always be 0
  • Added save dock & hide settings for next launch up (For replacing MODs MyBot Auto Dock & Hide Conflict)
  • CPU Status advance checkbox (Available to view CPU Cores temperature and each core usage)



         Quick Fix


  • Fixed Program Crush if user is using the program for the first time.



  • Fixed bunch of not working functions
  • Fixed MyBot Illegal use restart MyBot causing Supporter unable to control the bot again
  • Added MyBot Banner Injector
  • Fixed Nox Dock Loop
  • Added Demen 11+ Slots again (BETA)



  • Added parameters launch in other program autorun section. Just add -<parameters> behind the path of the program startup! Example: "chrome.exe -new-window -incognito"
  • Reduced size of supporter (3.7MB)
  • Scanned by virus total
  • Auto generate dll needed in roaming folder because of compression (Old files will be removed)
  • Removed Muliple Mode




  • Telegram Notifications
  • Auto Update MyBot
  • Multi-bot
  • Start Bot in specific time
  • Shutdown PC in specific time
  • Cool down PC
  • Ads Block
  • Auto set Priority
  • Modify MyBot
  • Handle MyBot's Errors
  • No more command prompts
  • etc...


Upcomming Features:

  • Other languages support? (Waiting for users to send the translation file)



Hey, here is the scan result of Virus Total!



How to Debug if something happens?

  • Create a new text file in the same folder
  • Rename the text file to "Debug.txt"
  • Wait the bug appear and send the Debug.txt to me!


Download : Github

Source Code : Github 


Some Screenshots about it:


Main Window:



MyBot Injector:



CSV script writer:



Telegram Notifications:



Tree View for MyBot resources captures: (Only Official)



How To use?

  1. First use put it inside MyBot's folder!
  2. Start the program and set some easy settings! (Such as Telegram Tokens, Languages or etc)
  3.  Normally after clicking Next, a window will pops up (But not confirm at the front of all windows, you need to find it!) and showing Selected Profile: <Your Profile Name>. here will need to set which Emulator you will need to use on THAT profile! If your Emulator need is MEmu_1 for example, select MEmu in Emulator and type 1 in instance number. (Example in 4.)
  4. Capture.PNG.7b6f370970a4ef87a9c3eaf37de585f2.PNG
  5. Wait for Supporter checking MyBot's Update and also Update itself. (Took time so don't afraid)
  6.  Check one last time the settings in Multi-Bot Settings
  7. Tick the profile which you want to run and set their running time (Start time & End Time, Example in 8.)
  8. Capture.PNG.628586cc0ba9cc3e74edeace11f0731b.PNG
  9. Click Start Botting.
  10. Check if loading stuck and your task bar disappeared, there will be a message box in it, click OK and enjoy your Bot experience!


Frequently asked question

  • The program have long loading time. - Yup, it need to check versions and updates. Maybe will add an option to disable this features in future update. Or see if you missed some message boxes which stuck the loading process? (Such as Hiding Task Bar notification or Errors)


  • The program freeze. - Maybe it met bugs so just create an "Debug.txt"  inside the folder (Don't close the program) and see what it writes into the text file! (Send the file to me in private chat and I will try to fix it!)


  • The program closes after long loading - The program will automatic kill itself if loading longer than 1 minute and this is normal. This is used to prevent forever loading and unable to close the application!


  • MyBot don't start after clicking Start Botting - Check your Start Time and End Time! The program will not accept both start and end time are the same! (The program will set all time 00:00 default, but in the next release the program will ignore start and end time if both of them are the same)


  • The program make my CPU Max! - Yes, it will max and if you start your Task Manager and you will found out something weird (Such as showing using 50% of CPU only in Task Manager but Max in Supporter) . Supporter controls the maximum performance of CPU which will make CPU cool down to extend your PC life but Supporter will not able to read the full performance of your CPU. Well, this is hard to explain but you can set the values in PC Environment Settings!


  • The program crushes when I press Update and download is finished. - Yes, it is a bug and currently had been fixed. Download the newest version Supporter at here and you will be fine!


For Devs:


Some Announcement to all Supporter users: maybe the program will stop updating after some time because of lack of users, but all the source codes are available in github and also gitee which enables you to compile it into exe or modify it. Here is some tips on what Supporter needs for developers! (Google search these keywords and you will found all the dlls and nuggets.)


Program Needed:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • .NET 4.5 above


Dlls needed:

  • HttpToSocks5Proxy.1.0.5
  • Newtonsoft.Json.11.0.2
  • OpenHardwareMonitorLib
  • System.Net.Requests.4.3.0
  • Telegram.Bot.14.9.0


Help on code classes:

  • AddProfile - The Add Profile Window
  • Botting - The MyBot launcher and closing system
  • Characters - Resources of images and zip files
  • cn_Lang & en_Lang - Language files
  • CSVWritter - Same as the name, CSV Attack scripts Writter
  • Database - Stores some public variables that are needed in other classes
  • FirstUse - First Use Screen
  • GenerateProfile - Generate Profile Window
  • Languages - Useless and still in developing. Used to remove cn_Lang & en_Lang Language files and make it into ini.
  • MainScreen - The main UI and some threads creations
  • MyBotMOD - The place that use to read au3 file codings and modify them
  • MyBotSetter - Injector UI
  • MyBotUpdator - Update Found Pop up and Web Client requesting for download files from Github / Gitee
  • Program - STAThread for Application UI launching and load dlls from Roaming folder
  • SelectImage - Used to shows MyBot's banner changing Window for user to select which banner they want
  • SplashScreen - Loading Screen
  • TelegramBot - Functions of Telegram Bots
  • WebClientOverwrite - Used to set a brand new Timeout and also web request function
  • Win32 - Controls CPU Performance, get Last user uses PC's time, Spy on other programs UI (To capture MyBot's current log and resources text)



  • The Injector will not responsible on any MyBot's destructing or damage. Please use it in your own risk as MyBot's files are changing in all the time.
  • Having trouble on connecting to update server? Try to use a VPN and load Github.com!
  • Press the Upvote button if you feel the program is good
  • The program is completely free and work by a college student. Any bugs please be patient and just report it here!
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On 1/31/2018 at 7:14 PM, AnDrOmEdA said:

Hi mate,

Good job.

All the Best.

;)waiting for more suggestion on design and functions as well

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18 hours ago, PoH98 said:

Can you use open share link, I can't view the photo

Updated Supporter

I installed your updated program and now the error says "Where is MyBot.run.exe?!" I have MyBot installed under downloads. Where do I need to have it installed to try your program out.

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On 4/6/2018 at 9:32 PM, cadickey said:

I installed your updated program and now the error says "Where is MyBot.run.exe?!" I have MyBot installed under downloads. Where do I need to have it installed to try your program out.

You have to put MyBot.Supporter.Main.exe same folder with MyBot.run.exe, or not the program won't run!

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21 hours ago, PoH98 said:

You have to put MyBot.Supporter.Main.exe same folder with MyBot.run.exe, or not the program won't run!

Works just fine now! Thanks!

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One thing I would like it to do is start today and end tomorrow. As an example, if I set it to start at 2200 and end at 1600, it does not start. As is, I can only get it to run if the start time is before the end time. Great product by the way!!

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