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BlueStacks - Rooted Versions

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On 9/20/2019 at 2:01 PM, cruixh said:

LOLOLOL, thank you so much @Eviltoaster, i was expecting that Bluestacks version 4.80 would be a resource hog since it's a new generation of Bluestacks but

surprisingly it works well with my old laptop. Configured the FPS to 20 as suggested and lower the RAM of the emulator to around 600mb.


Mates, if you are still looking for a stable and not so resource hungry emulator i suggest you try Bluestacks 4.80 with FPS set to 20. Lower the RAM if you need like

my laptop with 4GB of RAM only,. No errors, restart, crash or anything at all for almost a day now.


@Eviltoaster, I did not actually root BS 4.80 since I was rushing too much to see if I can use the emulator on my laptop and forgot about the root completely. Is there

any advantage or would the performance be better? Ads removed or something like that? Thank you again of the help, been searching and reading a lot for the emulator

that's just right.

Sorry just an info, in advance setting what are your preference, I'm using asus rog2, there is something that use less resources?


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