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M0D to run multiple Distributors Coc in One Android Emulator

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M0D to run multiple Distributors Coc in One Android Emulator

I have memu emulator and two clash of clan in one memu i.e. memu 1 , one of google and another of vivo (you can see image below )
what i want is by some way the bot will play one coc (google)   for certain amount of time (eg. for 3 hours) or close it while training troops and open another. 

    "its my imaginary log  and it would be like :-

 Chief, is your Army ready for the battle? No, not yet!
 [3:33:13 AM]  - Spells, Heroes are not Ready!

[ 3:34:07 AM] Time  required for complete training troops 30 mins 
 [ 3:34:35 AM] closing .google coc  / changing coc 

 [ 3:34:35 AM] changing  distributors ,from google to  vivo 
[ 3:35:50 AM] opening .vivo coc
[ 3:37:00 AM] Zooming Out
[3:37:25 AM] Main Screen Located
[3:37:27 AM] Detecting your Buildings..
[3:37:28 AM] Detecting your Village Theme
[3:37:29 AM] Snow Theme detected
[3:37:31 AM] Trying to locate Main Screen
[3:37:32 AM] Main Screen Located

 Is it possible by any mod that bot can open  both coc one after another 

please anyone have any idea help me built this m0d 
it will help most of the bot users who have 2 3 coc accounts from  different distributors 

 my github is here

Screenshot (4).gif

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