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MyBot v7.3.2 Alternative MOD's. (Temporary )

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MyBot v7.3.2  Alternative MOD's. (Temporary )

Hi Guys, As you know some greatest mod developers are retired. Some like @NguyenAnhHD or @demen  announced their retirement :3 and some others

like  @Samkie and @ChacalGyn  temporarily stop working and I deeply hope they continue.

Good news is mod users now you can use "Persian MOD" made by @mhk2012 this MOD  is a great version based on AiO++ and I promise to be a deserving

successor. It works perfect and really full mod cntent.


Anyway I provided this two versioin for personal usage and if you want to use, download from below


Of course all reputation goes to @NguyenAnhHD and @demen and @Samkie


Clash On ...



MyBot v7.3.2 MOD-2  -  Based On:   SaMMod     NOV.27.2017      Download



MyBot v7.3.2 MOD-1  -  Based On:     AiO++       NOV.27.2017      Download


   «»   If you Like It Please Use Like Key

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14 hours ago, HussainF63 said:

hi please option slot 1+ add to script attck sam mod thanks man ⚔


Hi,..   SamMOD doesn't need slot 11+ coz it benefit "SWIPE" mod.  By this function you can add a command ("SWIPE") on script attacks where ever you need to have one and it drag the attackbar to the left or right.

Look at the example below:



DROP      |A             |1          |1                       |warden           |0                        |0                          |0          |           |
DROP      |B            |1          |1                        |Wall                 |0                       |0                          |50-75   |           |
DROP      |A            |1          |1                        |Wall                 |0                       |0                          |100      |           |

SWIPE    |RIGHT   |100      |300                   |50                    |                          |                            |             |           | SamM0d SWIPE attack bar Command

DROP     |H            |3          |1                        |HaSpell           |0                       |0                          |0           |           |
DROP     |I              |3          |1                        |RSpell             |0                       |0                          |250       |           |


I've added this function to the AiO mod so any script attacks with "SWIPE" command are  able to run fine with AiO Mod. (however I'm not sure that it was necessary or not :-/)

Here is a complete sample:

10&11 Lavaloonion BDrag By Prinz Eugen-Rev.6.csv

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On 4-12-2017 at 4:36 PM, dedalo2014 said:


Hello. because I can not attack a village that is using a war layout, with the "attack now" button. Can someone help me please. thank you.



[12:40:45] [TEST]Starting Live Base Scripted Attack.
[12:40:45] [NameScript]: AnDrOmEdA_LavaLoon_5 RAGE_UNDEFEATABLE_EXT
[12:40:45] [ZommOut]

[12:40:54] Not Zoomed Out! Exiting to MainScreen...
[12:40:54] Trying to locate Main Screen
[12:40:56] Returning Home
[12:44:03] Cannot return home.
[12:44:03] Trying to locate Main Screen
[12:44:04] Waiting for Main Screen
[12:48:26] Please wait for CoC restart......
[12:48:28] Launch Clash of Clans now...
[12:48:52] Unable to load CoC, attempt to fix it...


If you wanna get banned by SC, keep on trying to attack war layouts (meaning you try to attack during clanwars...)

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