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Good evening. I'm from Brazil and my English is not very good. I come here to ask the help of someone who knows a better donation method than the one contained in the updated version. I put the bot just to donate and train troops but still, it does not donate enough. I would like a script that would make it donate more often and check out the more frequent donation tab. He does not even need to kikc members, but he just hurts faster and faster. I have looked all forums and no script is updated. Rather than simply picking up a modified bot, I'd like to learn how to modify it to give it more. Could any developer help me? It's no use talking to look in the forums because you do not have any upgraded to the latest version. Thank you very much.

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Fala brother, tudo bem?
Você chegou a dar uma conferida na atualização que o MediaHub disponibilizou do GTFO FreeMan Style?
Eu não posso te dizer com certeza, mas acredito que talvez a busca para doar seja mais rápida...
Dá uma conferida depois..

Agora se você estiver usando uma versão "normal", eu recomendaria que você usasse a versão do Samkie que foi atualizada inclusive recentemente.

Lá você consegue editar o tempo de checkagem de pedidos seguindo o caminho  M0d > Other > Ajustando a opção "Custom Donate CC checking time"
Só baixar no tópico dele.


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