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How to stay as Town Hall 1 out of the tutorial?

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As you might know one of the steps in the tutorial forces you to upgrade your town hall to level 2. (You can't skip this step by closing-opening the app, or wasting all your gold and gems, or just ignoring it.)


My aim is to skip this step being able to stay as Town Hall level 1 out of the tutorial.


For this I went inside Clash of Clans' apk and modified the "missions.csv" file where is located a lot of stuff related to the tutorial such as the steps you must follow on the tutorial.


After decrypting the file (with Dark$oul 3.0) I found inside among other stuff something like:


step12       upgrade townhall        level 2


So, I just replaced the value "2" with "1". I saved the file. I encrypted it and I replaced it with the original "missions.csv" file inside the apk.
Then I installed the apk.


But when I load the game. It doesn't show the tutorial. It doesn't crash or freeze but it gets stucked on the same screen where you can do nothing except moving around the village. The tutorial doesn't start.


Can someone help me?
Do someone know what I could do?


Oh, here I let you a player tag of a town hall 1 account made in 2017 by someone: #P8ULR2C9L

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Just delete the missions file from the APK. Done.


This village is unusable though.

You can't train more then 20 troops. Seems like a setting left over from not completing the goblin attacks.


There is a guy selling tutorial skip bases though that are usuable and work exactly like normal bases. Seems to be the only guy with the method.


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