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MyBot v1.2 Release

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Please remember that if you see our bot reproduced anywhere other than at MyBot.run then it is not the real deal and we cannot offer support, guarantee it is not infected or that it will function the way it was intended to.

Remember, Sharing is Caring so help us reach out to Clash Of Clans players who are looking for a bot.

Below you will find a demonstration showing each and every tab within the bot so you can see we are the original (use thread date/time as a reference)


** Note **  Delete Old Config.ini


  • Add time for wait device connect

  • Add time u want end battle , default is 40s(for save king, queen)

  • Add Minion

  • Add atk only with full barrack(choice)

  • Add pause button

  • fix bug bot run time

  • fix bug auto wall

  • More powerfull train troop

  • when you got out of sync then you got in main screen again ... the bot attack already

  • Fix bug bully mode , recreate and redesign it for easy understand

  • Fix many bug on 1.1

Pass unzar: gamebot.org

Clash Game Bot v1.2.rar

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