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[Fanart] New Bot UI!

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i dont like it :x


but I like your other work like profil pics and banner

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omg.. such critics... i like it. :) OMG now you have a fan :D


just remember, the goal of the bot is to be big enough to work with, but small enough to stay out of the way of the emulator. oh, and the bot must also look super sexy :P


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exactly like @mastercheatr said , remember the Emulator screen is 860*732 and + bot UI interface  , old laptops are only with 1024×768 (xga – standard).

From 860 ~1024 you have a limited space to have a Modern UI Metro style bot GUI.

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i kinda like this style too.


clean minimalistic feel for the important information and maybe 1 or 2 clicks to access settings that most probably never touched after setting up.

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Sorry to share:

Existing UI is coded using AutoIt implementation of standard WINAPI using GDI+ library. 

There are no "cool" looking UI hidden inside this OS default library; only standard OS look alike boxes, scroll bars, tabs, check boxes, buttons, etc.

To code an alternate UI requires custom code library, and custom graphics defining the new display style. 


There are a couple of AutoIt UI design tools available, but most just offer more control over colors and fonts by hiding how they tweak hard to reach GDI+ values.  In past (v2 and v4 saw this activity) a couple of community users attempted to add UI customization features to MBR using open source AutoIt modules, but due to complexity of existing UI, there was a significant display lag.  The few that were released as MOD's, were quickly retired due to poor bot performance.


The big problem with MBR UI is that feature/function increases since Jan 2015, without any major redesign in how UI code works; has made the UI very complex.  MBR basically needs to reduce the display ram and GDI handles active at one time as any attempt at fancy customization is major burden to store in memory with a script based language like AutoIt.   If today's UI were to be made from scratch, not many programmers would use AutoIt and all existing cumbersome GDI+ hooks for User Interface.



Back when I had time to develop code with team, there were several big discussions on UI improvement/simplification options.  The discussions usually ended with agreement to leave it alone, or it needed something entirely new.   Common "New UI" thread was that the UI needed to be separate program/process. Several thought it needed to be written in faster complied language with small dedicated style library using message passing to decouple farming bot code from display.  Problem with this strategy is that using C# or any other complied language for UI reduces the communities ability to edit UI to include MOD's.  This also meant there had to be MOD tabs created, and API created/documented for community to update the UI MOD tabs.  This a scary amount of work for a small team donating time to a free bot?   And with resources constantly dwindling on project due to reduced interest in CoC, a "better" UI never really happened, sort of?   Earlier this year: @CodeSlinger69 started some work to create a UI module in C#, cloning the existing look and feel to let team validate the performance improvements (run ONE UI for all bot instances and allow later style customization without impacting farming bot performance).  But without majority approval to use the new UI method, he decided to not waste his time on code that might not be used. :(   Fan Art is cool, but maybe some day a new UI champion will arrive? 


Bot On!



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