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No Donations if Requestor Doesn't Take Spells?

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ID: 1   Posted (edited)

No Donations if Requestor Doesn't Take Spells?

I have several "baby bases".  I feed them donate troops to help them farm.  But it seems that if the request does not have a count of spells, that is, the base is too low a level to request spells, the donation is skipped.


This is not a new problem with 7.2.5.  It has been the way for a few versions.  Just with moving to 7.2.5 and still seeing this issue I thought I should report it.


Please see this screen shot.  It shows 2 requests.  Two Requests...one with spells one without spells.  The request for 0/20 was not donated to.  The request for 20/35 was donated to.  Both matched loons.  Here are the relevant log file rows.




Log rows for "0/20 donate" that failed:

from the console:

[11:15:19 AM] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets..
[11:15:19 AM] Chat Request: Loons or any please
[11:15:20 AM] Chat Troops: 0/20
[11:15:22 AM] Balloon Keyword found: loon
[11:15:38 AM] Total Army Camp capacity: 199/200 (99%)
[11:15:40 AM]  - 30 Archers Available
[11:15:40 AM]  - 34 Balloons Available
[11:15:40 AM]  - Barbarian King available
[11:15:41 AM] Clancastle Full/No clan.

from the log file:

L [2017-09-10 11:07:52.754] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets..
L [2017-09-10 11:07:53.362] Chat Request: Loons or any please
L [2017-09-10 11:07:53.543] Chat Troops: 0/20
D [2017-09-10 11:07:55.748] DonateWindow at X,Y: 331,529 Found: FFFFFF
L [2017-09-10 11:07:55.795] Balloon Keyword found: loon


Log rows for "20/35 donate" that worked:


L [2017-09-10 11:07:58.692] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets..
L [2017-09-10 11:07:59.308] Chat Request: Farming Any and haste please
L [2017-09-10 11:07:59.470] Chat Troops: 20/35, Spells: 2/2
L [2017-09-10 11:07:59.471] Clan Castle spells are full, skip spell donation...
D [2017-09-10 11:08:01.707] DonateWindow at X,Y: 331,630 Found: FFFFFF
L [2017-09-10 11:08:01.751] Balloon Keyword found: any
L [2017-09-10 11:08:01.846] Troops Condition Matched
L [2017-09-10 11:08:05.184] Donating 3 Balloons



You can see that in the 0/20 (fail) case it sees the 0/20 and it matches a keyword, "loon".  But it just ignores the request.  It also showed just after that the base has 34 loons available to donate.  I see in my profile that I have no spells selected to be donated.  I have "Donate Balloons" checked, but not "Donate to All".


As I test I changed the donating base to have EQ and Poison set to be donated.  But it did not make a difference.  The loon donation was still recognized, but not made.


I have Donate enabled (of course) and I do not have the "Only during these hours..." checked.  (Of course this is not the issue because it did make the donation on the 20/35 request.)


I am not using any donate filters, but I am collecting images.


I started looking at DonateCC.au3 but is is a very dense piece of code.  I couldn't provide any useful information from looking at the code.  So I turned on debug and got this more detailed log for the Fail case (I deleted all the Android Suspend / Resume lines):




L [2017-09-10 13:01:30.227] Checking for Donate Requests in Clan Chat
D [2017-09-10 13:01:30.229] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
L [2017-09-10 13:01:30.289] Click 19,379,1,0 #0168 | Donate - Open Chat
D [2017-09-10 13:01:31.563] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
D [2017-09-10 13:01:31.624] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"

D [2017-09-10 13:01:32.248] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
D [2017-09-10 13:01:32.304] Send ADB shell command: kill -STOP 1919

L [2017-09-10 13:01:32.350] Personal Break OCR result = 
D [2017-09-10 13:01:32.616] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
L [2017-09-10 13:01:32.698] $g_aiDonatePixel: (202,631)
L [2017-09-10 13:01:32.702] Search into whitelist...
L [2017-09-10 13:01:32.703] Search into blacklist...
L [2017-09-10 13:01:32.704] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets..

L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.414] Chat Request: Loons or any please
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.415] Started dual getOcrSpaceCastleDonate
D [2017-09-10 13:01:33.417] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"

L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.534] $aCapTroops :
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.535] $aCapSpells :
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.536] Started single getOcrSpaceCastleDonate

L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.572] $aCapTroops :0#20
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.573] $aTempCapTroops splitted :0/20
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.573] Chat Troops: 0/20
L [2017-09-10 13:01:33.574] This CC cannot accept spells, skip spell donation...
L [2017-09-10 13:01:34.580] DonateWindow Open Start
D [2017-09-10 13:01:34.582] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
L [2017-09-10 13:01:34.640] Click 252,641,1,0 #0174 | Donate - Click Donate Button
D [2017-09-10 13:01:35.651] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
D [2017-09-10 13:01:35.715] DonateWindow at X,Y: 331,631 Found: FFFFFF
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.735] $g_iDonationWindowY: 368
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.735] DonateWindow Open Exit
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.736] Troop/Spell checkpoint.
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.737] DonateCapWindow Start

L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.772] $sReadCCTroopsCap: 0#8
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.773] $aTempReadCCTroopsCap splitted :0/8
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.773] $g_bSkipDonTroops: False
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.774] $g_bSkipDonSpells: True
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.774] DonateCapWindow End
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.775] Troop checkpoint.
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.776] Balloon Keyword found: loon
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.777] $DonateTroopType Start: Balloon

L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.878] Troop Slot: 0 SearchImgloc returned:queued.   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.878] Slot: 0Troop Detection Failed

L [2017-09-10 13:01:35.945] Troop Slot: 1 SearchImgloc returned:empty.
D [2017-09-10 13:01:35.947] Send ADB shell command: screencap "/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168"
D [2017-09-10 13:01:36.008] AdbScreencap: 62/60/63 ms (all/10/1),47,0,l=343,t=492,w=75,h=43, 184697D8932D31A5EDEED45A74E5869DEB480168: w=860,h=732,f=1

L [2017-09-10 13:01:36.146] Troop Slot: 6 SearchImgloc returned:empty.
L [2017-09-10 13:01:36.147] slot found = -1
L [2017-09-10 13:01:36.148] DonateWindow Close Start
L [2017-09-10 13:01:36.149] Click 1,40,1,0 #0176 | Away
L [2017-09-10 13:01:37.164] DonateWindow Close Exit
L [2017-09-10 13:01:37.165] Click 1,40,1,0 #0171 | Away



The loons are the only troop available to donate, and are in the top left slot (slot zero?).  Not sure why SearchImgloc is returning "gueued" for that slot.  Slot 1 and Slot 6 really are empty.  I have another base that also won't donate to this failed request, and it has loons in slot 1 (2nd from the left).


Thanks.  Please let me know if other information would be helpful.


>>>>>>>  Update: Oh....  I suspect that when the requestor cannot request spells the ImgLoc is looking in the wrong place for slot 0.  Since the Donate Troops box is much taller when the requestor can request troops.  Here is an image with the short donate window and the loons in slot zero.



Edited by HArchH
Typos...a bit more data.

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have same issue.. My main Acc and smurf Acc are both attacking and donating each other. on my smurf account i have ZERO problems with donation but when my main Acc has to donate my smurf Acc the bot is only Donating the requested Loons but not the haste spells...  i setup everything right in donation option... sometime he donate the spells... but mostly NOT


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Hi @dutchy1985, Thanks for the support.  Since both of your bases are asking for spells, I'm not sure your issue is the same as mine.  The issue I've found is that if the requestor can not request spells, the Request Troops pop-up menu for the donator is shorter and I think that the ImgLoc() calls are looking in the wrong place for the donate troop slots.




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Hi @HArchH, Will take a look if it happens for me too.


Does it occur always or just sometimes ?


Edit: tested several times and bot always donated no matter if donate all was enabled or on keyword! Can you share your settings ? 


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Thanks @Fliegerfaust.  Thanks for looking into this.  This problem happens every time for me.  Every base will not donate if the requester is unable to request spells.  All of my babies are TH3.  And my TH8's, and TH11's can't donate to them.


You can see a TH8 settings file here.  You can see a TH11 settings file here.

Following up on the idea that my config.ini file might be the cause, I took my TH8 config file and deleted it and let MBR create a new one.  I set it to only donate "loons", put it in Halt Attack mode with Request/Donate Only option, and resumed.  (But note that my TH11's that are in farming mode, not Halt Attck mode, still do not donate with the same symptioms.)  It still does not donate to my TH8 base that is requesting Loons, but which does not have the ability to request spells.  (yes, this is one of my mid-bases rather than a TH3 baby, but he suffers the same problem of not getting any donations filled because of this issue.)


I'm using MBR 7.2.5.  I use MEmu and I usually have 4 bases running.


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if using offical version 7.2.5 locate these lines



Local $aDonWinOffColors[3][3] = [[0xFFFFFF, 0, 1], [0xFFFFFF, 0, 31], [0xABABA8, 0, 32]]

Local $aDonationWindow = _MultiPixelSearch(409, 0, 410, $g_iDEFAULT_HEIGHT, 1, 1, Hex(0xFFFFFF, 6), $aDonWinOffColors, 10)


and try with this ; (removed the 2nd and 3rd $aDonWinOffColors offset color location values.)


    Local $aDonWinOffColors[1][3] = [[0xFFFFFF, 0, 2]];, [0xEBEBE9, 0, 208]] ; may 2017 update
    Local $aDonationWindow = _MultiPixelSearch(628, 0, 630, $g_iDEFAULT_HEIGHT, 1, 1, Hex(0xFFFFFF, 6), $aDonWinOffColors, 10) ; moved to new column to look for top white pixel of window

in Func DonateWindow...these two lines find the top of the donate white background window... and sets the top y pixel in $g_iDonationWindowY


which in turn sets the slot location in Func DetectSlotTroop(Const $iTroopIndex) in the first few lines:

    For $Slot = 0 To 5
        Local $x = 343 + (68 * $Slot) ; starting x value the slot location - (68 * $Slot is the multiplier for the each slot starting at slot 0 - 5 ie 6 slots)
        Local $y = $g_iDonationWindowY + 37  ; Here.. 37 pixels lower than the found top... 
        Local $x1 = $x + 75 ; size the x slot space
        Local $y1 = $y + 43; ; size the y slot space

use the photo button and capture images and see if the found $g_iDonationWindowY value... is really the top of the donate window...


hopes this help you ....



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