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Edge's GFX Shop!


Welcome to my GFX shop!


What I Offer

  • Signatures (2D Text with minimal BG)
  • Avatars 
  • Banners


  • One request per day
  • Images and text must be appropriate

How to request?

Use the following formats :


Description :
 - - TEXT - -
 Font : <font name>
 Colors : <whole scheme>
  - - BG - -
 Image/Solid or Gradient Color : <link/scheme>
- SIG -
Description :
 - - TEXT - -
 Font(s) :
 Colors :
 //EXTRA :
 - - BG - -
 Image/Color :


  • For banner, please describe the latter as whole without any format
  • You can skip colors and fonts on me, I'll get the best out of my knowledge
  • Don't worry about text placement
  • PM me if you want any revisions


P.S Hit the q7hoZqL.png button if you like my work.





Completed : 

White Beast 

Piya Raja(req via PM)





Pending :



Working :


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