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[MOD AUTHOR NOTIFICATION] Feature MODification Sharing

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To all MOD authors: 


First order of business:  The community appreciates your support!  :D


Second - MBR needs your HELP!

MOD authors constantly create new features and work to make old MOD's more reliable, and this is good. :D

But majority of these features are never shared as stand alone feature within community? :(   They constantly require use of MOD bot (with many other features that are not interesting to users).  We need MOD authors to separate these new and reliable ideas into separate code pieces and post individual features in the features forum!


Why is this important?

- Some users only want a single feature, and do not want entire MOD bot (especially when it can be little buggy)

- Community wants YOUR MOD feature to be in next release!

- Feature MOD forum is where development team looks for new features to add to official release, or to add to existing projects.

- Shopping for features inside MOD bots with large forum reputation is not a good indicator of well designed/coded, and reliable feature ready for official bot.


Yes it is true: development team does not have time to go exploring for every new feature in every MOD bot, determine if it is working right, and then figure out what code to extract for individual feature.  Especially when MOD author knows exactly what they changed, and is much more capable to provide either replacement functions, or a Git diff file against. So please help?


What features should be added Feature Forum Section?

There are many MOD features possible to add into MyBot.run project.  MBR maintains a suggestion backlog with long list of possible features, and list is never complete. 

The list includes; A ) Desired features, B ) Some that have been attempted and are found not reliable enough for official release (yet), and C ) Some are rejected as they are considered high risk of ban, or are not aligned with MBR development team philosophy to create a farming bot.


If your MOD development has any feature that is not rejected, Please share it as stand alone feature!


Remember: Most of development staff started out just like you, and become official developer by sharing features! ;) 


Thanks for supporting your community!

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Yes, if shared independently, and anyone who wants to use their own functionality can add it to the official version themselves. It will be much more useful.

But it does cause some problems:

1. If someone knows how to add features to the official version on the .driff file. This work is too simple for them.

2. If someone does not know how to do so, especially their english is very bad. This work is difficult for them.

3. And in some cases, they just use it, and do not care what it is or who created it, who added it. Only know it is stable as they like.

If someone creates a new feature and shares it with a .driff file, doing so is great. It helps me as well as anyone who wants to make a mod personally is very easy. But those who do not know how to change by .driff, They need someone to know mods, and share their work with the community. Why? Because not everyone can do this job.

That's just my personal opinion. Regard!!!

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It seems to me that it is worth somehow to allocate the best mods and developers of new functions. To make their interest interesting, they share their functions and new ideas. Become sorry for the bad English.

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