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How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot

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How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot


Thank you for asking how to download MyBot.run!!


Current official bot release and download links can always be found in Official Releases forum section.


Having problems?

If you have issues and the GitHub links in current release thread do not work for you, then you may have a local network or PC issue that needs to be fixed?


1) Have you used another CoC bot before finding MyBot.run?

Oops.  No problem!  Some copy cat bots that steal MBR code, and offer it for sale will perform a HOSTS file HIJACK.  This will block your PC from reaching GitHub (and sometimes MBR forums).  Your favorite search engine can show you how to check and edit your HOSTS file for your Windows OS version, here is one example site

While very rare, some older web browsers can also be hijacked to block websites.  To fix this you need to clear your entire browser history (only works after other CoC bot is removed from system).


2) Do you have internet filter or firewall at your location?

Since GitHub is public site, and there can be any kind of software available for download (including hacking tools); Some countries and corporations will block GitHub.  If you are trying to reach GitHub behind one of these firewalls, then either need to use VPN, or some other internet location to bypass the blocking filters.


3) Is download blocked by Anti-Virus (AV) program?

The bot is not a virus. It is made with a scripting language named AutoIt, which is sometimes used by people to create malware. This causes antivirus programs to mark ALL AutoIt programs as viruses, even if they don't harm your system. The AutoIt code of the bot is freely available; you can look through it and compile it yourself if you are worried.

Need more information?  Read this from people who make AutoIt language used to create MBR: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware

If the bot is detected by your antivirus software: create new folder to store MBR download zip file, add the folder to your antivirus exception list/whitelist and download/extract the bot to that same folder.


4) Are files missing from your download?

When visiting GitHub site to download MyBot.run and not using the .zip download links in our release thread, beware that you may not be downloading the proper branch of repository.  Our master branch is only used to store version files to notify users for new releases.  A zip file with latest release can always be found on releases page of GitHub.

Another missing file  issue can be your Anti-virus software removing files from zip file, or deleting them when extracted.  Read #3 for more information regarding AV problems.


General Information:

MyBot.run uses GitHub software sharing site for all software releases with community.  Our GitHub repository top level is here > https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot

On this site, you find newest and all past releases by development team.  Our repository even has a Wiki with installation, licensing, and History of MyBot.run.

The Github repository is primarily used as our download library and is not open for public editing. 

All problems/issues/bug reports are only supported via this web forum.


Thanks for supporting your community!

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added AV note/instructions
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How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot   Thank you for asking how to download MyBot.run!!   Current official bot release and download links can always be found in Off

here we go if it helps- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B41oxTrw4_TRUzVFaWl1TnpOM2s/view?usp=sharing         For you- official link- https://github.com/MyBotRun

30 minutes ago, qasper said:

the problem is... bluestacks.... don't know what version... can anyone pls help me what version of bluestacks can I use.. pls




4 hours ago, aymanalqaisi2001 said:


how are you? 

i did'not fond the link.if you can help me please

thank you 



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Oh, Oh Seems that Anti-Virus programs of world are punishing AutoIt created programs again.  Want to share more details about virus issues:


We know that many AV programs will flag MBR executable files as virus.  It is false positive.  We even share a note about this false positive issue on download page. ;)

Choice is simple >> Do not use bot if you are worried. 


For record, about half of the commonly used "official" AV program call AutoIt a virus, and have warning page with generic misleading information that AutoIt is dangerous virus. :O

This is not true! :blush:

AutoIt is scripting language, which can be compiled like other programming languages into an executable file. 

Problem with AutoIt: is that it can be and has been used to make virus by criminals of world.  :O 

MyBot.run does not want to harm anyone, and code does NOT contain any virus.


Best comparison is this: AutoIt is like a piece of wood. 

Some people use it to make a wooden club that kills people (bad), while others use it make an musical instrument like a violin or guitar that plays music (good).

Since wood can be dangerous in wrong hands, ALL wood products are considered evil by some?

YES, It is really that simple.  Some AV programs have declared any AutoIt based program a "generic" virus. :(


As far as why one version of MBR is flagged and another is not flagged as virus?

We do not know? 

Maybe you can go ask the people who wrote the AV program!  They are constantly releasing updates, and new virus signature files; which may or may not have bugs and be labeling a program incorrect. :)

Example - We had a version of Windows Defender late last year (active for about a month) that was removing MBR executable and DLL files from zip folder and not even logging to user that files were removed, and why?   AV program creators write code with bugs too!  Please stop blaming MBR for their bugs!


Last but not least:  What is only watchdog executable file flagged sometimes?

It is small program that checks to see if bot has crashed, and will restart bot when it finds a problem.  It behaves similar to a virus, secretly watching your PC, and when MyBot.run dies unexpectedly; it helps out and restarts bot so you can keep farming. :)   No, there is no virus inside, as you see in source code provided with download. :) 

Yes, your bot will work without it.  :) 

But if you get one of the strange, random, unable to be explained, un-fixable errors that causes a bot crash after farming for several days successfully; then your bot will not auto restart and keep going.


Thanks for supporting your community!

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My problem is .. during downloading bots I always got disconnected in the middle of downloading... the file cannot be resume.. and I have to start downloading again from beginning .. after abot 10 times trying .. I got fedup.. can you change the downloading file so that it can resume ... Im using IDM for downloading

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here we go if it helps-




On 25/5/2017 at 4:54 AM, sin3wollf said:



On 2/6/2017 at 6:30 PM, iceman86 said:



For you- official link-


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