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CSV Editor v1.0

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24 minutes ago, slibinas said:

can you upload not direct download link? because Chrome detecting virus.

Just ignore it because no one have download the soft so chrome cannot verify it. Just select ignore and you will be fine or you can go to my github and clone the source and compile it yourself

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3 hours ago, ahsan iqbal said:

correct the name of skeleton spell SkSp]ell

thank you for spotting that this is why I need you guys to test it xD. I will get this addressed right away. cheers!


3 hours ago, salmankhanorakzai said:

why not change tabs when clicking here?

There was a glitch that caused by when I enable clicking through the Menu so that is why I disable it. However, I don't think it will be a problem because you have to go through each one in order to make a CSV anyways (E.g: have to MAKE 1st before DROP)


6 hours ago, sayhueque said:

tutorial pls

the program is as simple as it look mate. As I mention in my post as of for now the Editor doesnt do much other than creating a new CSV. I haven't make any help tooltip saying what each one of the input mean but i'm working on it. Please read and think before you post. The forum doesn't need a spam post like this. Cheers!

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