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[WIP] CSV Editor

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[WIP] CSV Editor

If you like this, smash that VkBnZhF.jpg button. Thank you!


This topics will be where you guys can follow the development of my CSV Editor. I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to create a CSV or to load an existing CSV onto the program and be able to edit it. I have alot of plan for this and I will be listing all the current features and and TODO list. You guys are welcome to follow along with the development. GitHub link will be posted below


I'm a beginner AutoIT programmer. However, I not new to the scene of programming. My code is not the best. Some of you might have a better way to do things than me and if you do please share it make a merge request and I will merge it as this is also an open development program. If you do decided to join me please follow Best Coding Practices. I haven't devided my script into chunk so that it is easier to work as a team yet. However, I will try my best to comment on everything I did so that it is easier for any developer that would like to join me


P/S: any designer wanna redesign my CSV Editor please be my guess. Right now the design of the bot make it very limited. I mean if I want to add the feature where users can load a CSV in and edit it, the current design will make it kinda awkward and confuse because of all the wording that is made for "Creating a new CSV". If you have a better idea for the design of the GUI draw it out take a picture and post it here I will consider it and make changes accordingly. But for now I will working on a new version of the GUI so that it would fit for both purpose. Let's see what I can come up with.






Features (Objectives):


- Generate CSV (100%)

- Edit existing CSV (0%)

- Test CSV by showing where troops will be dropped given a base image (0%)


TODO List:


- Fishing the core of the program which is Generating CSV:

  • MAKE GUI and function
  • DROP GUI and function
  • Generate CSV

- Load existing CSV onto the program and edit it

- Test CSV function


GitHub Link: https://github.com/mannguyen0107/CSVEditor


Change Log:



  • Initial Release
  • Working Navigation Menu
  • SIDE GUI and functionality finished


  • Redesign a few GUI element
  • Finish MAKE GUI and all of it functionality 


  • Finished with all the basic functionality of the Editor.
  • The Editor is ready to be test


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22 minutes ago, Illegal Command said:

No matter what I type all I see is blank screens after the first screen.


and if I hit next enough times all I get is this.






If you read my post you will know that this is a Work In Progress. The program is still being developing
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Ahh... I see.  You've only put in the GUI form work. Thought you might have some raw code done.


Can I suggest looking at works already done and seeing what you can do? Not much in CSV land has really changed except for the features that had been DocOc specific.


His attempt was more text based. a Graphical GUI would need to work around a screen shot as from the bot so GUI would need to accommodate that sort of screen real estate.




Just under the above image in


you will find hidden images. CSV creation is an art and to be honest the best way to deal with art is visually. :)


I know the engine from the bot could be used to create redline points etc onto screen grabs. It would be a fascinating thing for the minds like @ProMac @cosote @monkeyhunter and all the crazy buggers in the dev team to pull apart. They are all kinda busy but they are the ones that know what the DLL's can produce. I'd be interested to see what was possible as it is a great idea to get more people making attack files. The more variety of attacks the less likely the bot is to get noticed. :)


So my recommendation at this early stage is to work with GUI sizes capable of working with images created by the bot and that references those images from the defaultprofile listed in the profile.ini and pulls the images from the Temp directory in that folder. Just a thought. Then the DLL could be used to place reference points on the images. I know this is a possibility but may be difficult given the protections used by the DLL. Either way even using the default points you could create a GUI that people can click on to make the points for the attack vectors.


What you have in mind is quite involved but the tools are there just need to get ya head around the best point to start. ;p




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@Illegal Command thank you for your suggestions. All of your suggestion are my plan also So don't worry it will get there once all the basic are ready. I'm awear of the redline drawing system that MBR has and I was planning to pull that into my CSV editor and did something like you said. However, none of this can be done if the foundation is not ready. Think of it like building a house almost. And regard the current CSV writer made by @karthik2804, no offense for him but his code is not very efficient. Sure it gets the stuff done but to expand on his code will make the program unstable. Which is why I decided to start from scratch. At the moment, my Editor are ready to take user input in and store it however I haven't coded in the part where it actually write everything out input a .csv file. I will do it but not until I'm done with all the GUI and basic stuff as I said building a good foundation we can expand on is very important. I'm sure all of MBR's developers will have similar opinion. But hey every suggestion and opinion help out alot so thank you! I will keep this post updated and when I'm ready to look into the redline drawing and stuff I'm user will ask MBR's developers. Let's me do a quick run through of my plan:


What you are suggesting the ability for user to click on the img and select which point they want to drop their troops it is possible. However, we can't user an example image for user to pick from that because drop points are not generated the same for every base. With that being said what I might look into is having user create drop vectors and then allow them to pass that base picture into the Editor and it will analyse it using the current redline drawing system that MBR use which then will show the user all the vectors' drop points created given the image of the base. Secondly, I'm also planning on making the editor so that user can test their csv as well. By test I mean have user to pass in a picture of a base or better yet we can all create a library with a variety of bases picture ranging from TH6 to TH11 so all users have to do is pick a TH level and the Editor will just pick out a few pictures of bases in the library and show the user where their troops will be drop base on that base.


Together we can take this CSV to a whole new level. Let's make botting great again! No more same old 4 side bot like deployment!

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Awesome Idea. Really!

This could bring the whole community to another level!

I'm wondering what could happen if even a person who doesn't know how to write a single string of code, but has a real nice idea, uses this!

@mannguyen hope you'll improve this program :D

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@Dr.Pack thank you for the support. I'm developing it spending my free time on this xD. I'm having easter break so I'm quite free at the moment in the next 2 weeks I hope I will finish all the basics of this program xD. Hope it will be awesome


Edit: This is weird I dont recall I have this account lol

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