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[Guide] How to share bot settings with community using Strategy Files

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How to share bot settings with community using Strategy Files:


MyBot.run has a special feature to enable easy sharing of Bot Attack settings with community! 

It is called Strategy sharing feature and is found on Attack Plan >> Strategies tab:


With this feature you can easily share your attack settings to others, without need to capture many images of bot tabs, store on image sharing site, and post them in a thread! :D


What is Strategy and how is it stored? :

The strategy files are simple text files, saved in same ".ini" format as used in profile configuration files. These files can be edited with notepad, and then cut and paste directly into forum posts without need to used a file storage service (like Mega, or FileShare).  Instead you can use "spoiler" inside your post to hide and store your long Strategy file. ;)

Here is what Strategy feature looks like in GUI, First you have the Load Strategy tab:




Here you will find all the strategy files currently saved with your bot folder in the Strategies folder.  Bot will load all Strategy files found when it starts.

At any time you can copy new strategies files to this folder, and then use open strategy folder button to load them.

When a Strategy file is selected you will see the Notes that are saved with file. 

There is also a "Load Configuration" button. 

When a new Strategy is loaded, it will replace your existing ATTACK settings.

[You might want to save your current settings first?]


Next you have the Save Strategy Tab:




 To save a new strategy file is really simple:

1-Give your strategy file a name.  Bot will automatically created unique time stamped name if you do not edit this field.

2- Review the bot created notes, and add your own comments if needed.

3- Push the "Save Configuration" button, and your attack settings file will be saved in the Strategy folder. :thumbsup:


There are many ways to use Strategies.

1- Use them store your favorite attack settings, such as one for each push CSV, or farming method, you might use.  When done pushing, you can load your old saved Strategy to get back to farming. :O

2- Use them to share your attack settings in the forums. :thumbsup:

3- Use them to transfer your attack settings between bot versions. :D

(copying profile folders between version is not recommended, can/will cause problems)  :(


Using Strategy feature is really simple, and will hopefully make it easier for your to share your attack settings with others!

If you find a bug with this feature, please report it properly in current bug reporting forum.


Thanks for supporting your community!

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Thanks for recalling this rarely used feature.


Wouldn't it be useful to create a "strategy" subsection of the sharing forums (similar to the csv attack files)?

To date, one doesn't know where to search or post  these files.

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49 minutes ago, fabno said:

Wouldn't it be useful to create a "strategy" subsection of the sharing forums (similar to the csv attack files)?


Community goal should be to post strategy files everywhere one needs to share settings, INSTEAD of constantly posting images of bot tabs!

Strategy files are expected to be posted many places:

- in each TH level sharing section

- with CSV files in CSV forum to aid in using the attack plans

[Hint - Official releases have TH9 GoWiPe CSV and one Strategy file with same name? ;) )


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I tested the functionality, the file was generated to export and it had all the correct variables.
When I went to test on another PC, it didnt pull the configuration of the spells.
I'm using the official version 7.2.5

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