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Take a look here zenavi.   We have developed a pretty good bot. I'll promote you to tester as soon as you say hi https://discord.gg/g7ZSwau

4 hours ago, jflanden said:

Can we PLEASE just make this a BASIC and EFFICIENT auto-duel bot ONLY?


Way too ambitious and too many features at the start of this which is why there are so many different errors and this project is falling apart.


If you can make a bot that can efficiently handle 1 hour duel orb boost then that would be amazing. perfect that then slowly add features like starting up nox by itself, etc etc.

We? This is one guys project he probably made for fun. It works fine for him and for me and it can easily do hours of auto dueling. Just because you can't make it work doesn't make it too ambitious. It's not OP's responsibility that you can't get it to work. It's your own. So stop crying and find another project if you can't get it to work. Or you could start by learning how to program so you would know how to make it work for you. 

The 1 hour duel orb isn't supported by default due to the way the program detects duelists. You can however add the feature yourself if you read the information OP has written in the thread + some basic programming skills. 

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Just now, jflanden said:

It's hilarious that you waste your time using this to auto duel while it's very easy to setup instant 8k victories at the start of each duel. Because of that, this project is garbage if it isn't made for just 1hour duel orb boosts.

It does pvp to farm chests and a little xp. Unlimited keys

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3 hours ago, jflanden said:

LMAO. You basically have infinite keys with instant 8k scores on standard duelists. keep farming pvp though

Can't do 8k, only 4k. The total dmg and effect dmg doesn't work for me even though i'm sure they are the right one. I even took all possible total dmg values by isolating it using a 1 hit cerberus deck and then froze the values. No result. 

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Hi i need some help as i dont have much experience with programming but i love it and am slowly learning stuff. I made my own script with autoit it only auto-duels and searches for standard duelists and duels them. But im having problems with my search method as im using pixelSearch to look for the duelists and i cant seem to find the perfect set of colors for it to run fluently. I checked source code of your main and i saw your using 6 different shades of blue in the DuelOrb() func   but when i implemented those colors into my script it only found 1 of the 9 duelists that spawned.

This is the code i use for searching can some1 pls help me make this better or give me a sugestion on how to add the correct colors to search for. I used pixels from faces of standard duelists to search for not the blue orb colors and it worked sort of but not always and fluently as i want it to. $Nick is a global variable defined with color found on his face. What im trying to ask the creator of this topic is how he found those 6 shades of the blue color and how do they work since the standard duelists spawn randomly and there sizes and there pixels are changing.


$trazim = True
while ($trazim)
$xy = PixelSearch(4,140,551,947,$Nick,0)
if not @error Then


















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