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Thanks for Everyone From Mybot Community!

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[Introduce Yourself Real Message (Yeah, very bad english but i dont want to change this, please check my last reply in this topic)

Hello, Merry Christmas for all.


i'm From Brazil Living in Londrina - Paraná


And i find this good bot because i want donate many troops :D


thanks for all mybot team helping this awesome community


and good luck updating xD

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Em 23/12/2016 at 02:43, Z E O N disse:

welcome @Rafaela Santos. Thank God you like our bot LOL.


Wish you a wonderful time here and botting experience.


Love and best regards.


Merry Christmas.

I never see this answer lol, yeah, i have a good botting experience now ? and i think you have too, cya!


3 years in this community... feels like 3 weeks lololololol

Edited by Rafaela Santos
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Em 27/03/2020 at 02:01, shreyasrao48 disse:


Hello hahahah =D

Almost 4 years in this community

I wanted to say thanks here for everything the community has done for me, I loved participating in it, anyway I leave this here as a farewell message, it won't be exactly today but there will come a time when I will never enter this forum again, thank you mainly to @rbrt who supported me a lot for a long time and the whole Portuguese / Brazilian community, and to those who stay, "Have Fun"

ATT: Paci.

Edited by Rafaela Santos
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