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[SOLVED] Army ready for battle, no not yet! loop

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Army ready for battle, no not yet! loop

MyBot Version: 6.4

Emulator Version: bluestacks

Operating System: windows 10

Screenshot(s): QdGZEe2.png

Brief Description of the Problem: can't attack because my troops are never ready for battle

What were you doing to trigger this?: just simple starting the bot

What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?: i've unclicked quick train, i've started with full army camp, empty army camp, different troop compositions, lowered full camp requirement to 95%, full spell slots, empty spell slots, troops and/or spells queued and trained. still nothing, background mode, not background mode


text looks like this:



[12:37:04 PM]  - Army Window Opened!
[12:37:05 PM] Total Army Camp capacity: 220/220 (100%)
[12:37:06 PM]  - Barbarian King available
[12:37:06 PM]  - Archer Queen available
[12:37:06 PM]  - Army Camp: 220/220
[12:37:06 PM]  - Spells: 9/9
[12:37:06 PM]  - Clan Castle: 30/30
[12:37:06 PM] Chief, are your Army ready for battle? No, Not yet!
[12:37:07 PM]  - 110 Barbarians Available
[12:37:07 PM]  - 110 Archers Available
[12:37:07 PM]  - 4 Lightning Spells Brewed
[12:37:07 PM]  - 1 Poison Spell Brewed
[12:37:14 PM] ==================== Bot Stop ====================

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