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[Guide] How to use the bot

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Before running this bot, please visit our WIKI for instructions: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation

1. Install BlueStacks or MEmu or Droid4x

  • MEmu 2.8.3 Android Emulator Download Here
  • BlueStacks App Player Rooted Recommended Download Here [Mega] | Mirror [OneDrive]
  • Droid4X 0.10.3 Beta Android Emulator Download Here
  • Nox 3.7.1 Android Emulator Download Here
  • MEmu, Droid4X, Nox and future supported Android Emulators need a font file update to detect system messages Download Here
  • Overview of supported Android Emulators and additional tech. details Here
  • MyBot has issues with Bluestacks v0.9.30.x: Only install Recommended Version of BlueStacks if you ask for Help/Support.

2. Install necessary software

  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Download Here
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or latest version Download Here

3. Start Bot

  • Install latest Version of AutoIt Download Here
  • Download MyBot latest version Download Here
  • Extract MyBot files using WinRar (Right Click on .zip file and extract it)
  • Open/run the bot from MyBot.Run.exe via Administrator
  • You can also directly run the bot from MyBot.Run.au3 file (if you have AutoIt3 installed) by right clicking on the .au3 file and selecting 'Run Script (x86)'. Always run as x86 regardless of Windows system (Recommended)
  • Open/run BlueStacks as Administrator (Right-Click on BlueStacks icon then click Run as Administrator)
  • Click Start Bot. If the bot prompts you to locate buildings, follow its directions.
  • Enjoy :):

Important Notices:

  1. This farming bot is designed for use on bases that are Town Hall level 6 and above
  2. Don't move or leave your mouse cursor on Bluestacks while the bot is running.
  3. You must change your Sleep Settings to "Never Sleep" from Power Options.
    • Why? The bot will not work while your computer is asleep.
  4. DPI scaling must be 100%.
  5. Aero must be Enabled for Background Mode to work.
  6. Must have at least Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    • MyBot doesn't support Windows XP anymore, please upgrade your Operating System.

Quick Help

Background Mode not working?

Aero Theme must be enabled for Windows 7 http://guidingtech.com/5195/aero-effects-back-from-basic-color-scheme-windows-7/


Bot Stuck on waiting for Main Screen or Bot Stuck at BlueStacks Resolution?

Scale Display Setting

Go to Control Panel-> Click Display-> Let me choose one scaling level for all displays-> 100%


Bot is not Working/Recognizing my base after few minutes?

PC Power settings must be set to never sleep, no screen saver, or dim screen.

For more info, see this image:

  Reveal hidden contents



I don't have any .exe file to run this bot, after I extract files?

It's a false positive. Read here for more info https://autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware

You have to put the .exe file in your anti virus exception list.

(We recommend running the .au3 script instead. Right click on it and click 'Run Script (x86). The .exe file is included because of a lot of newbie demands, who are too lazy to install autoit)


If you have other Problem or your problem is not solved?

Read Common Mistakes

Make a Thread in Help & Support Section with the require information (For Required info, read How to ask for Help from here)

Also remember to use the search option on the forums before asking.


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