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Have you been warned?

If you feel that you've been wrongly warned by a Staff member you can either address this privately first with an Administrator (preferred via PM) or create a new topic here in this forum. If an Administrator ended up warning your account, please discuss this with him privately or start a new topic.


Rather you send a PM or create a new topic, please provide all the information as to why you were warned and which specific post(s) you were warned about it as it saves us time of having to search for all the information.

Have you been banned?

If you feel that you've been wrongly banned and/or want to apologize for your wrongdoing then FOLLOW these rules closely.


  1. Create a new forum account in the following format: "Temp_YourBannedUsername"
  2. Create a new topic (ONLY) in this forum and enter the title with the prefix "Ban Appeal: BannedUserName"
  3. In the post please answer the following information:
    • What did you do to get banned?
    • Why would you like to comeback?
  4. Create the topic and then wait for an Administrator to review your ban appeal.
  5. Thank you!
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