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[Guide] How to debug for bug reports - DO THIS BEFORE POSTING YOUR BUG REPORT!

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This will be a guide on how to get a detailed report for the developers to look at, when you report a bug or need help. You must do this, so the developers can get a clear understanding of the problem.


  • First, download and extract a fresh copy of the newest official bot into an empty folder.
  • You must close MyBot before doing this.
  • To do this, you must have AutoIt V3 installed on your computer.

Step 1:  Choose one of the methods below

  1. Use the /debug parameter when you run the bot via command prompt (How to start one or more bots via CMD: Click here)
    • How it should look like: B5N68ON.png    
  2. Create a new text file inside the folder where your mybot.run.au3/mybot.run.exe is located at name it. "EnableMBRDebug.txt"
    • How it should look like:
    •  image.png


Now you have to run the bot for a while. When the problem occurs again, stop the bot. There will now be a debug folder inside your lib folder.

Step 3:

  • Open your bot's folder again. This time right click and create a new archive (WinRAR or 7zip) and rename it to logs, lib and debug.
    • Like this:
    • QE7RaXe.png
    • Here you can see a folder called Profiles.
      • ARt2SA0.png
    • Put the Profiles folder inside the archive along with the WHOLE lib folder inside the archive. The debug folder is inside the lib folder, so it's included.
      • MbGjSZY.png
    • Inside the archive, it should look like this:
      • RF0BJKI.png



Step 4:

  • Upload the archive to: MediaFire, MEGA, DropboxGoogle Drive or your favorite online storage service.
  • After uploading the archive, post the link to the file in your bug report topic or help/support topic.
  • If you have done these steps, then for please put DEBUG INCLUDED in your topic title :):


Additional Debug Information: (only on request from devs)

Additional debug information (Only when requested)

1. Close Bot(s)

3. under X:\MyBotFolder\lib folder create file "imglocdebug.txt"   (beware of filename if windows is set to hide file extensions)

4. Start and Run bot

Collect file under X:\MyBotFolder\lib\ImglocDebugData\ImgLocDebug_SOMENUMBER.log and make it available for analysis.



Edited by Hecki
Updated for Bot Version 7.4.4+
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