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Are you having errors or issues with the bot? Read this before asking for help.

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Some important notes for all users:

The Common Mistakes:

  • Not unzipping the downloaded zip from GitHub: running the bot from the .exe file without the rest of the files will give errors.
    • OPTIONAL: IF you wish to run the bot from the .au3 file or to edit any of the files, you will need to install AutoIt.
  • Not excluding the bot's folder from your Antivirus Software: We use the AutoIt Code and Libraries, some scanners will remove it (this is a false-positive).
  • Not installing the essential required software: As mentioned in the Official Bot Download topic, you must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 and Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5+ in order for the bot to run.
  • Not installing the correct BlueStacks version: Please use found here: Recommended Bluestacks Versions
    • ATTENTION: Do not just download any Bluestacks version out there. There are some that will continue a Virus/Trojan while others will not be rooted either.
  • Not uninstalling the BlueStack completely: If you have problems then start here: http://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/206949116
  • Not having the correct screen resolution and DPI: PC OS DPI needs to be 100% and the screen resolution has to be at least 1280x768 and for those with 4K screens please verify the REAL/NATIVE screen resolution. Go to this link here if you need help on setting the correct System DPI.
  • Closing the laptop lid: The bot works with images detection. Without the GPU generating pixels, the bot will not work.
  • Computer goes to sleep: The bot works with images detection. Without the GPU generation pixels, the bot will not work. You need to disable your computer from going to Sleep in your Power Options of your Windows Control Panel.
  • Not setting correctly the BlueStacks Resolution to 860x732: Download the file 860x732.reg from this topic: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/478-guide-close-all-bluestacks-process-apply-860x732reg/
  • Memu Resolution not able to be automatically set: Memu can have problems setting proper bot resolution on small displays.  Read here for more information.
  • Not settting Bluestacks and Clash of Clans to English: Is necessary to set Bluestacks and Clash of Clans to English.
  • Renaming the files: Don't do this. The bot will give out errors if you do this.

How to ask for help

Topic likes "HELP PLEASE" or "FIX THIS" are absolutely useless, can easily be ignored and/or will be deleted. Making a good report with information will help us to help you. Include at least these things when posting a help thread: 

  • Operating System/System Hardware
  • A screenshot with the bot next to the emulator in PNG format (you may use this service to share screenshots) http://imgur.com/
  • Exact versions of bot and android emulator
  • detailed description of the problem, with
    • What the bot was trying to do when the problem occurred
    • What the bot's log said when the problem occurred
    • Ideally, a picture of the error. Make sure the picture includes both the emulator and the bot with the error message showing.
  • Sometimes additional debug options are required: enable those by creating an empty file in bot folder EnableMBRDebug.txt and start then the bot.
  • DEBUG FILE(S) UNDER Profiles\MyVillage\Logs (MOST IMPORTANT): 


  • Don't run the bot from the exe file , install AutoIt and run from MyBot.run.au3 , any error will be displayed correctly and will help us to find the bug/issue.
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