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[Guide] How to use the bot

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Need uptade ? for bot ? because supercell uptade map attacks ?  ( on my bot He search map attack ) Goind to attack but Not attacking he dont see the map ? 

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A MyBot update is not happening automatically and right after SC released the CoC update... you will have to use some hotfixes provided here in the forums or you will have to wait for the official 7.7.7. Version of MyBot. We are working on it


please stay patient and don't post before you haven't read the other threads with the same issue...

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On 5/29/2019 at 12:31 PM, forcocgame2 said:

couldn't find any setting within mybot.run to change username and password..  is it hidden somewhere in the latest version?  if not, how to change username and password?  Tried remove the entire mybotrun folder and unpack latest version but it still doesn't allow to change username or password.  (need to do so after reset forum password).


Hi @forcocgame2,


sorry for the late reply. The bot doesn't save the password anywhere - it's a token stored in a file under your user account profile ".mybot.run.authentication" under AppData\Roaming.


Cheers - cosote.

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On 6/18/2019 at 5:03 PM, z315315z said:

上午 05:00:13] Nox (Nox_0) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap
[上午 05:00:16] MyBot.run is authenticated
[上午 05:00:16] Cannot find Nox instance Nox_0
[上午 05:00:16] Available Nox instances are:
[上午 05:00:16] base7
[上午 05:00:16] base4
[上午 05:00:16] <inaccessible>
[上午 05:00:16] base5
[上午 05:00:16] nox
[上午 05:00:16] Unable to open Nox instance 'Nox_0'
[上午 05:00:16] Please check emulator/installation
[上午 05:00:16] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter
[上午 05:00:16] Unable to continue........
[上午 05:00:17] Cannot start Nox, please check log




edit your config.ini... change the lines to "emulator=Nox" and "instance=nox"

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