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can someone help me. im using Mybot but it only find Memu while im using Nox as my emulator


[12:56:36 AM] ====================== BOT LOG ======================
[12:56:38 AM] Launch faild:  devices
[12:56:38 AM] Serious error has occurred: Cannot find MEmu:
[12:56:38 AM] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\MEmu.exe
[12:56:38 AM] Android support for MEmu is not available
[12:56:38 AM] Unable to open MEmu instance 'MEmu'
[12:56:38 AM] Please check emulator/installation
[12:56:38 AM] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter
[12:56:38 AM] Unable to continue........
[12:56:38 AM] Cannot start MEmu, please check log
[12:56:39 AM] ===================== Bot Stop ======================

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8 hours ago, Dragonsaiyan said:


If your Profile is created from scratch, I suggest deleting the Profiles folder to force the Bot to recognize the emulator (faster form).


If not, you can simply hold down the Shift key and right-click the MyBot folder.
The context menu will contain an entry that can be: Open command window here or Open PowerShell window here.
If your case is the first option, type in the new window: MyBot.run.exe [VillageName] Nox nox
If your case is the second option, type in the new window: .\MyBot.run.exe [VillageName] Nox nox
Note: I'm considering that you have configured in the Nox Default Instance and don't forget to replace [VillageName] with the name of your Profile/Village


(Or change your config.ini to emulator=Nox and instance=nox)

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I use memu 5.0.5.

When I start memu it comes to were I should log in with supercell id the screen in memu turns all white and I cant sign in.


Any know of that problem?

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