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[SNIPPET] Check Is Waiting For Connection

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You may saw wifi signal icon in clash and bot is doing his job aswell without being noticed that there's no connection between CoC and You anymore (may happen for some reason like: Using VPN, reseting modem/internet etc.)


So this MOD will check if that Wifi Signal icon is showing and will Restart CoC, That's All



How to Add This Option:



Download This:

Modification Applier V2.5 + Check Waiting For Connection.zip

1.Extract Them In a Folder

2.Open "Modification Applier V2.5 - Coded By MR.ViPeR.exe"

3.Click On "Browse" Button (dRElBpC.png)

4.Select Config File Named As: "[6.x.x] Check Waiting For Connection.ini"

4.Click On "Select MyBot" (J4Wox_.png)

5.Select MyBot.exe (Bot You want this option get added in)

6.Click On Last Button (Sometime Button Text is: EBNEIHg.png)

NOTE: if you was wanted to apply it twice, DONT forgot to remove Old added Codes From "History" Tab


NOTE2: You Can Add Check To Anywhere you want With only this Lines:


	If IsWaitingForConnection() = True Then





Modification Applier V2.5 + Check Waiting For Connection.zip

Edited by MR.ViPeR
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