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MEmu Infinite Connection Lost Animation

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Hello Guys,


Thank you very much for this amazing bot.


I am using MyBot 6.1.2 version and MEmu  android emulator.


I am currently using the bot for "Train/Donate Only" feature and its working great.

The problem starts when I try to connect through my mobile and I immediately get the message on mobile that "You have lost the connection with server" and there is RELOAD button.

Now once I reload the game I am able to use my account from mobile but then bot never tries to reconnect back to my village. 


When I go back to my computer I can see in COC window, a connection lost animation is being shown.

I am sure that there is no issue with the internet because when I restart the CoC on my computer, it works just fine.

Still the bot works perfectly. It trains the troops, checks for the troop requests. But as CoC has already lost the connection, bot is really not training the troops and it never gets new troop requests.


Now this does not happen every time. 4 out 5 times, I will be able to connect to my village and bot will connect back to the village. But once in a while this does happen.


I have attached the Connection Lost Animation image.


Is there any way / option which will enable the bot to restart the coc if connection lost animation is played for few minutes.


Again, thank you guys for the amazing work!!!





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