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v6.2 Problems Reported to Team [Please read before posting]

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This thread is created simply as single reference point to the issues reported in the forums on v6.2


Read this before reporting:


What is currently not working perfectly:

- Nox Emulator support in bot is BETA release; back ground mode not working, and limited support till it is all working well.

- LeapDroid emulator support is BETA release; appears to be fully functional, but expect some issues due minimal experience by everyone.

- MEmu message detection requires manual font change, instructions in official release thread.


Read this post on how to submit a proper bug report: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/11139-guide-how-to-debug-for-bug-reports-do-this-before-posting-your-bug-report/

Things that LOOK like bugs but AREN'T >> Here...

v6.2 Issues Reported:

  • Problem on destroyed structures on milk attack (link)
  • LeapDroid 1.6.1 automatic screen resolution change to 860x732 not working, use Settings in LeapDroid to manually change to 860x732 and 160 DPI
  • V6.2.2 debugocr flag is not working properly, and is saving debug image data in root of drive \debug\ocr
  • Skeleton spell training randomly not working.
  • User train click delay setting only works when removing troops, and has zero click delay when training troops
  • Missing prerequisites (Microsoft frameworks) causing error in Line# 69767 (link)
  • Bot window disappears when completing upgrade selection and Android is not docked (work-a-round: run in dock mode)
  • Bot reboots any Android Emulator rapidly and OCR reports sometimes errors (link, fix here)
  • BlueStacks 2.5.55.xx and LeapDroid 1.8.0 not working
  • Bot freezes or crashes sometimes (link and fix)
  • Checking/changing upgrades while GUI is enabled during wait for training, will reset wait time and stop bot (link)
  • Warden Upgrade not working in building upgrade feature (link)
  • Emulator window disappears when locating 12 upgrades and bot is not docked (link)
  • Village search delay reset when using value over 9 seconds (link+fix)


  • Unconfirmed - bug posted, not confirmed or replicated
  • Confirmed - Bug replicated by development team
  • FixedNextVersion - bug found, fix to be released in next version


Threads opened without a good report with info will be deleted and threads opened with an issue that has already been reported will be closed.

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Current change log of upcoming release


* **V6.3**
 * Add Android support for BlueStacks 2.5.55.xxxx
 * Add Android support for KOPLAYER 1.4.1049 (http://www.koplayer.com/)
 * Add Android support for LeapDroid 1.8.0, 1.7.0 and 1.6.1
 * Add ability to support long "cloud times" without app time out while searching for attack in higher leauges. Includes randomization of keep alive activation time (2-3.5 minutes) and randomized maximum wait time.  Maximum wait time is increased for each league as needed, with a range of 20-30 minutes for Champion1 to 3-4 hours for Legend league. Also supports detection/reset of SC matchmaking 30 min timeout, and prepares base for exit for detected PB events during long search in clouds.
 * Add random delay between two train army calls @sardo
 * Add control to prevent continuously remove and recreate troops when we have full army and waiting heroes @sardo
 * Fix blank hero slot detection problem for some users due pixel color differences
 * Fix skeleton spell training detection issue with additional match images
 * Fix random issues reading troop training digits
 * Fix wrong log search conditions for Trophies @sardo
 * Fix error with missing user click delay when training and removing troops due random click feature changes
 * Fix detection of "Please Rate CoC" message due change in window position with recent game update
 * Fix GDI memory leak when using weak base filter with save debug images enabled
 * Fix village attack delay settings reset to same min/max value when using more than 9 seconds of delay.
 * Add additional log messages to help tracl error with DLL calls for weak base filter
 * Add advise if loot cart found but no collectable because near clan chat tab @sardo
 * Add option to disable collector filters in Dead Bases (transform DB search in LB search) @sardo
 * Add White List Donations: Donate Only to specific clan mates @sardo
 * Add Black List Donations: Donate at all except to specific clan mates @sardo
 * Add enable/disable complete camps with archers if some space free in army camps @sardo
 * Add new clan castle images in attack bar
 * Add option "force clan castle detection". If clan castle it is undetected and it is not placed in last slot force bot to consider the undetected slot as clan castle @sardo
 * Fix problems that lead to Android restarting loops
 * Fix bot freezing or crashing related to MBRfunction.dll calls
 * Fix error that moved /debug/ocr from \Lib folder and created in root drive
 * Fix bot window deletion when selecting upgrades and Android not docked
 * Fix bot testing every minute if Android is available when bot not started
 * Fix Rearm "only when needed" feature to check rearm after all major reload errors (Personal Break, Maintenance, Another device)
 * Fix random errors with some buttons when random click feature enabled
 * Fix Warden locate and upgrade issues in building upgrade feature
 * Fix selecting upgrades during smartwait
 * Fix clicking upgrade type icon to select building
 * Fix Android by automatically reboot when clicks fail on train or donate page 5 times
 * Fix double Android restart on error when docked
 * Update map size for TH searching (missed after Nov 2015 update due TH snipe is not useful)
 * Add check to skip gathering Hero data during training for TH below TH7
 * Add Russian language file (from @wowamin)
 * Improved profile icons for GUI (from @fliegerfaust)
 * Update Persian language file (from @Eloy)
 * Update French language file (from @Boju)
 * Update German.ini language file (from @fliegerfaust)

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