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MyBot and Pokemon

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You will not find any bot effort for that app on these forums.   Besides, will be large challenge to automate the app: #1 - Requires split screen " dual running app" functionality in emulator to

Just searching on web I found Pokemon Go BOT and I have tested (running) on my pc I found From https://skidrowgamesreloaded.com/catchem-v1-4-5-0-pokemon-go-bot/ Github: https://github.com/Lu

Turingbot is supposed to be most human like.. also necrobot seems good as it changes its walking speed every second to mimic human. It's very low on exp/hr (about 8k) but its safe and has got me to le

You will not find any bot effort for that app on these forums.   Besides, will be large challenge to automate the app:

#1 - Requires split screen " dual running app" functionality in emulator to be able to adjust the GPS location while watching the game.

: This exists already, best method requires xplode and several modules installed and can be hard for Android newbie

: Will require a larger emulator window than used for CoC bot, and when you add the need to have a user interface visible at same time; would need to be designed for HD display.  This would prevent users from being able to use old hardware with small displays to bot the app.

#2 -  requires massive amount of click-drag code to throw poke balls.

: click drag does not work well in AutoIt.  Also AutoIt click/drag does not work in true background mode. True background mode uses ADB and this means need new scripts for different ball throwing distances and techniques.  This is the hardest part to automate in my testing.

#3 - PokemonGo app is full of bugs and has huge reliability problems.

: Game has become a huge hit, and servers are so overloaded that all can hang anywhere for absolutely no reason.  Creating all the error checking, timeouts, and app restarting code will be full time job.  Users are not going to know if there is bug in bot, or bug in app.  Will pity anyone that creates a bot and attempts to provide support for noob users.

: There is also major bug in the integration of Google ID's and currently only way to avoid rebooting app constantly in emulator is if you are lucky enough to have direct account, which are limited due demand.

#4 - App creators have already added anti-bot features, and are adding more with each update.

: They have enabled checks for rate of change limits, GPS location jumping, and a few other things if you believe what is posted on internet.

: App developers have already started to "soft ban" users for spoofing GPS locations.  If you try to jump anywhere that is not humanly possible from last location, app will not open stops/gyms and all pokemon run away.


There are already many posts on many game hack forums for PokemonGo.  Google can show them to you.

Best luck.

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related to @monkeyhunter's #3


I think its currently only running "well" on BlueStacks and game will crash once you catch a Pokemon when you are still logged into your Google Account, so it would be needed to be removed first and then also skip BlueStacks Setup and when Pkm Go restarts completely and logs you into the game it needs your account typed in again.. Not even worth to try for a single minute. 

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bots are already out try necrobot for pokemon go.. i think anthony's go-bot is a popular one theres projects all over github mostly all open source.


anthony's bot has .exe already made others are still in early release and raw coded form u have to compile after entering settings.(uses visual studio/python)

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Actually this is the best time to bot. By the time the game is released worldwide, they will probably turn attention to botters. 

Levelling is quite fast. 6 hrs and you can go from lvl 1 to 20. another 4 days you can reach lvl 30.

Usually it is the ptc accounts that suffer from the downtime. Google accounts have been working well for the past week.


I'm using mygobot (sounds like mybot lol). Bought the premium at $5, now it is $8 :\



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On 7/24/2016 at 7:46 AM, c052463 said:

Hmm interesting I am already working on something and oh my you discouraged me xD

Best luck. 

Kids asked me to look at making a bot.  :D 

I wasted a couple of days researching the topic.  Honestly speaking; There have more PGo bots released and abandoned since release of app, that it makes your head spin.  Once you start to look at all code you realized it is a mess!  

Huge issues with server reliability.  Most are using the same API to translate the server packets.  Niantic just today changed packet data to start sending data to ingress for analytic's as part of the roll out for Japan Market.  Experts educated guess it this beginning of tracking human .vs. bot, and beginning of ban data collection.  The predecessor app that PGo leveraged for map data (Ingress), had huge issues with bots, and finally shut last of them down with instant ban for all bot users.  Expect PGo Bots to be short lived cheating effort once the stop working on roll out and aim at bots.


As Wizloa stated, you need the bot for 4 days. Then at level 30, animals can not spawn at higher level, and you spend a couple days sniping for hard to find animals and you are done with full pokedex and several maxed fighters.  You put your impossible to beat animals that no one wants to battle in Gym, and you get bored.   IMHO - Waste of time.   Bots are obsolete one day after release.  It is the wild wild west of open source projects.  Two of the bot projects are on the hottest trending projects on GitHub!   Most popular has 600+ forks already! :(


If you really want PGo Bot, and are too lazy to ask Google, check out www dot ownedcore dot com.  They have entire section that exploded in last couple weeks with everything you need to know in one place.


And yes, my family has 2 accounts @ level 30, and have already lost interest in playing the game. 


Thread closed.

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