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MyBot and Pokemon

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You will not find any bot effort for that app on these forums.   Besides, will be large challenge to automate the app: #1 - Requires split screen " dual running app" functionality in emulator to

Just searching on web I found Pokemon Go BOT and I have tested (running) on my pc I found From https://skidrowgamesreloaded.com/catchem-v1-4-5-0-pokemon-go-bot/ Github: https://github.com/Lu

Turingbot is supposed to be most human like.. also necrobot seems good as it changes its walking speed every second to mimic human. It's very low on exp/hr (about 8k) but its safe and has got me to le

Heres the thing. Pogo changed their API that all the bots used to work on few weeks ago. Team unknown 6 cracked the new pogo API in 4 days. They were able to understand *most* of the code but there were some mysterious parts they could not. Nevertheless the API was working and they got the bots to work. BUT all the Bots now using this unofficial API are getting banned regardless of human like settings, walkspeed of 5 km, no Snipe etc because Niantic knows that they're  cheating. 

Team unknown 6 believes that mystery code is related to GPS satellites. Like number of satellites in the area, their angle, signal strength etc. If we spoof to a location, just spin a single pokestop amd the GPS stats are blank then you'll be flagged to be banned. Unfortunately this data is very hard to spoof. I think Niantic has the upper hand here 

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1 hour ago, govalt said:


everytime when i log in, it said "(ATTENTION) No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?"

all the while it ok.... once update then this message pop up


Can share setting?




i dont botting anymore, time wasting.. i see in bot world map doesnt working anymore and if you try bot in New york, bot dont gonna stop pokestop idk why, in my town bot found all pokestops

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