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v6.1.3 Problems Reported to Team [Please read before posting]

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This thread is created simply as single reference point to the issues reported in the forums on v6.1.3


Read this before reporting:


What is currently not working perfectly:

- Nox Emulator support in bot is BETA release; back ground mode not working, and limited support will be provided till next major update.

- Bowler, Baby Dragon, & Miner troop can not be trained, donated, or dropped in attack by bot. (Lab upgrades fixed in V6.1.2)

- MEmu message detection requires manual font change, instructions in official release thread.

- Statistics data has errors:  Run time may be incorrect (average per hour may be inaccurate when this happens), Troop training costs include cost of removed troops,

- Weak base filter issues.  Appears to be finding defenses 1 level above user setting.  Weak base has been completely rewritten and new version released when ready



Read this post on how to submit a proper bug report: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/11139-guide-how-to-debug-for-bug-reports-do-this-before-posting-your-bug-report/


v6.1.3 Issues Reported:


  • Unconfirmed - bug posted, not confirmed or replicated
  • Confirmed - Bug replicated by development team
  • FixedNextVersion - bug found, fix to be released in next version


Threads opened without a good report with info will be deleted and threads opened with an issue that has already been reported will be closed.

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