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This message was added because many users after the manual re-location of their Th (because of a TH upgrade)

usually forgot to restart bot in order to new th location take affect.


BUT YES!! you just found a small typo error here.


1. EXIT should be replaced with OK

2. Message should be "Or Click Cancel to exit this message"



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Easy typo to fix.  

Replace existing "MBR GUI Control Child Misc.au3" in \COCBot\GUI folder with this version: MBR GUI Control Child Misc.au3
These changes solve your unfortunate confusion .................. unless......................    :dodgy::arrow:



.........You are afraid of a Banana? :cool:     Monkey just woke up and is hungry :D




Be sure to either run as script, or re-compile bot for the change to be added to exe file. 

Note: changing to this "fixed" file will update language file with new text automatically, and all translations will see new English text until translated language files are updated.

Bot On!

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