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No hero abilities for scripted attack - part 2

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I published a post yesterday

and I have an update for developers. I see other users post similar issues on the forum (fx, here and here), so maybe it can have same cause, so my finding may help developers to understand this issue better and explain it to other users.


I wrote a phrase "heroes abilities doesn't work if I have 6 cells before heroes and 1 cell between heroes and a range spell" yesterday. I've found out it's not a true. I've tested more sets of troops and hero abilities worked in both cases.





But I found out that hero abilities don't work in case when you have too many troop slots and not enough visible area.


As a solution for myself, I don't brew dark spell, so I don't need to fix code.


P.S.  @mistical, I've tested today with version 6.1.3, so it has this bug too. 





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