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Version 6.0 .:. The only Bot with True Background Mode and Multi-Bot support .:. If you use MEmu or Droid4x, you can minimize the bot and the emulator, turn your screen off, play games,


Sorry about the messed up release. Download the bot again. Everything should be working now.

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1 minute ago, thebackground said:

Help me please post your attack plan screen shot thanks
[8:45:14 PM] No one of search condition match, attack skipped ...
[8:45:16 PM] Trying to locate Main Screen
[8:45:16 PM] Main Screen Located
[8:45:18 PM] Village Report
[8:45:18 PM] No. of Free/Total Builders: 1/5
[8:45:18 PM]  [T]: 1 821
[8:45:18 PM]  [G]: 1 931 294 [E]: 1 683 971 [D]: 125 998 [GEM]: 2 707
[8:45:20 PM] Collecting Resources
[8:45:21 PM] Searching for a Loot Cart..
[8:45:21 PM] No Loot Cart found, Yard is clean!
[8:45:27 PM] Training Troops & Spells
[8:45:29 PM] Total Army Camp capacity: 240/240 (100%)
[8:45:29 PM]  - No. of Barbarians: 74
[8:45:30 PM]  - No. of Archers: 118
[8:45:30 PM]  - No. of Giants: 8
[8:45:30 PM]  - No. of Wallbreakers: 4
[8:45:30 PM]  - Barbarian King available
[8:45:30 PM]  - Archer Queen available.
[8:45:31 PM] Your Army Camps are now Full
[8:45:31 PM] Calculating Troops before Training new Army.
[8:45:31 PM] Build troops before attacking.
[8:45:59 PM] No one of search condition match, attack skipped ...

Dear I think you check box in attack plan > filter > you need to leave them unchecked just check search box and try again

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1 минуту назад, ssaeidd сказал:

hi. i have 2 accounts. how can i use bot for those in 1 pc ? i can't find related topic in forum

I think it is impossible as you cannot launch 2 instances of mybot... as for 2 accounts it is possible using 2 different android emulators

9 минут назад, ARCHPOBEDITEL сказал:

Dear sirs! It doesn't train dark spells to donate. It writes that it is not enough DE, although I have 73 K of it. Please fix it, as my clan mates need dark spells for donation. I even switched off heroes upgrading.

Is anyone able to respond? Has anyone had such an occurrence?



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