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BlueStacks Recommended Versions - Updated Mar 2019

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5 hours ago, Dwalin said:

Hi, I installed bluestacks v0.10.7 unrooted version and no run in my windows 10 pc. ¿any solution? Thanks


Try rooted BS version by downloading from this forum.

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I am trying to set up the third day (
I use everything according to the instructions (

I would like easier emulator, 0.10.7 .. I take here - https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/33063-bluestacks-rooted-versions/
on a clean system in virtualke everything.
I put the game from the apk file, everything starts and works fine, but ...
The problem with textures is not solved at all, because of this, the bot simply does not work ..
At first there was a feeling that https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/supercell/clash-of-clans/clash-of-clans-11-446-24-release/clash-of-clans-11-446-24-android-apk-download/ not the latest version of the game, as Google Play offered to update it, which of course did not work, but yesterday it finally turned out - but it did not help with the textures (

textures are different, either the troops are not visible, only the shadow of them, or some buttons are not visible .. or something else ..

win7 64

Before that Memu 2.5.0 was used there, everything is fine, but it is too hard to work, FPS 5 is not more ..



BlueStacks version is but support version 0.8.x - 1.x not found
[17:18:46] Android support for BlueStacks is not available

Edited by prostoya

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On 5/28/2019 at 7:47 AM, prostoya said:


Have you edited and in the case, will you now use the 2.5.43?

Use emulator=BlueStacks2 in your config.ini and try again

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1 hour ago, nmherr93 said:

which version of bluestacks works fine with mybot 7.7.6 aiomod ?


1 hour ago, Dominik2011 said:

how about bs


Check inside the Bot ..\COCBot\functions\Android\Android Status & Information.txt for more Information about Supported Versions of BlueStacks

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