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[RELAUNCHED JULY 28 2017] [Level 11] [Loot Wars] [TH Lvl8+] [Barch Lvl5+] Active Farming 24/7 [25/50]

Recommended Posts


For those who post an application to JUST our clan/thread (without applying to other clans), are automatically accepted and will be sent a PM including the invite information.



Level 100+

TH 8+

Barbs/Arch Lvl5+ (mostly donating arch, but anything else can be debated in chat)

Always request & donate

Each season 10k+ donated troops required; received troops amount is ignored as long as you have a decent amount donated (10k donated; 25k received is okay)

If donate/receive ratio is poor or is inactive then you'll be removed.



1. Do not ever mention about bot in clan or global chat!

2. Do not share screenshots of your village before deleting/blurring your IGN/tag and clan name/tag! 

3. Donate/request always! Be active 24/7! You must donate 10k+ troops per season!

4. Do not use "donate to all." Do not donate anything else but archers and barbarians.

5. Do not mention about this clan to anyone and do not invite your friends! If you have a botter friend like yourself, he/she must take an invitation from me first!

6. Don't accept someone to clan without password and don't share password!


Donation Keywords:

Use specific keywords for donate/request. Keep requests simple.

Allowed keywords:

for Archers: arch | archer | archers | any

for Barbarians: barb | barbs | barbarians | any


Preferably, we ask that you request for "any" and for "poison" spells

You may donate anything that is better than barch, but please ask in chat first.


Loot Wars:

There is loot war 24/7. Loot war is where we ask the enemy clan to make their #1 and #2, put their TH and storages outside. Then we attack them for the loot and let them win the war.You have to design your war base, so it's easy for enemy clan to raid. It's very important that you keep your defences separated from your town hall and storages. Use a layout similar to this, it's very easy to 3 star: 




above picture taken by: 




To Join: 

PM me or post with the format below.


Your Level:

Town Hall Level:

Barch Level:

How long have you been botting:



Thread wording/credits (snippets were taken from other threads; if you would like me to remove any part of the thread, I will)




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20 minutes ago, eteepy said:

Your Level: 122

Town Hall Level: 10

Barch Level: 7

How long have you been botting: 24/7


Check PM for info.

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1 minute ago, MaisOMG said:

Your Level : 97
Town Hall level : 9
Barch : 6
How long have you been botting : 24/7 with my vps :)

Check PM for info.


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level 157

th 9

barch 5

how long have you been botting^ 24/7 with my pc


and my friend 

level 125

th 9

barch 6


we russian 

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Your Level: level 65

Town Hall Level: TH8

Barch Level: 5 archers / 4 barb upgrading now in the lab

How long have you been botting: 8 months, since february 24/24h

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Your Level: 80

Town Hall Level: near maxed 8

Barch Level: both lvl 5

How long have you been botting: 4 months

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