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[Guide] Instant VPS 24/7 Clash of Clans (CoC) bot service from KSOL

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This is a guide to order an 'Instant activation' 24/7 CoC bot ready VPS from KSOL - you'll be able to start botting in a matter of minutes !




1. PayPal or Credit/Debit card.


Order, Registration and Payment:


1. Go to the link:  http://ksolnet.com/ks/link.php?id=1

2. Click on blue 'Plans and Pricing' button in the middle of the page.

3. Select 1 week or 1 month from the 'choose another category' drop-down list.




4. Start ordering by clicking on the green 'Order Now' button.

5. Check your Order Summary and then click on the blue 'Continue' button.




6. Enter the following information in Your Details - New customer tab:

a. Username

b. Email Address

c. Password and Confirm Password

e. Country




7. Click on the blue 'Checkout' button.

8. At the PayPal page, login using your PayPal credentials to make payment.


VPS Login:


1. Your VPS should be ready within a few minutes - after a successful payment.

2. Go to your client area page and then select Email History to retrieve your VPS login credentials:




3. You can now login to the VPS using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) with the VPS login credentials given.




4. Immediately after RDP into the VPS, change the default password to your own.

5. Click on the '' desktop shortcut and you will find that Bluestacks and bot are already installed inside the RDP window session.




6. You can load your village by login to Google Play and then configure your bot.

7. That's it and enjoy your instant 24/7 CoC botting VPS ! :D:


Do remember to give your feed-back/reviews/comments/ratings in this thread for the benefit of all the readers here. 


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On the 2GO 2CORE or 4 GO 4CORE ?

Il y a 4 heures, MaisOMG a dit :

On the 2GO 2CORE or 4 GO 4CORE ?

I have finally buy an another VPS for 15€/month : 6GO / 3vPCU ! It's work perfectly

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