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MyBot v1.1.1 Release

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Okay guy's here it is!

Please remember that if you see our bot reproduced anywhere other than at MyBot then it is not the real deal and we cannot offer support, guarantee it is not infected or that it will function the way it was intended to.

Remember, Sharing is Caring so help us reach out to Clash Of Clans players who are looking for a bot.

Below you will find a demonstration showing each and every tab within the bot so you can see we are the original (use thread date/time as a reference)




  •     Hog Riders added

  •     Raid when camp > 90%
  •     Upgrade wall function fixed and optimized

  •     Implemented a pause/un-pause function (activate using keyboard key "pause")

  •     Adjustable slider to change the time between clicking "Next" when searching to eliminate out of sync issues

  •     Added the ability to halt attack mode and only Train/dontate troops

  •     Optimised Coding and reduced many lines for efficiency

  •     GUI Improvments including tool tips added to functions giving an explanation as to what they do

  •     Auto upgrading walls fix/optimizations

  •     Ability to set a reserved amount of Gold/Elixir that remains untouched from auto wall upgrade

  •     Locate Town Hall button fixed

  •     Fix TH Detection

  •     Folders restructured

  •     Giant Donation bug fixed

  •     More error checks to reduce out of sync and incorrect bot running, such as misclicks

  •     Fixed the issue when the bot started when not at the village screen

  •     Fixed Random training of Barbarian

  •     Fixed issue When searching for a raid a random troop was sometimes deployed

  •     Halt Attack (stay online/collect/donate troops)

  •     Bully Mode added


   Bully Mode Explained:


The idea behind Bully Mode is while searching for Dead Bases the bot will look out for low lvl Town Halls that have the minimum amount of resources that you indicated to attack... this way you will save time and gold from searching for a deadbase.


THBully Combo: [ON] (Ensure you uncheck "Meet Town Hall Level")

The Bot will search for 1 of the conditions below.

           1. Low level (1-2 Town Hall levels below you) + resources you specified = Attack

           2. DeadBase found and Resources meet what you specified = Attack


AutoBully Mode:

Instead of the "THBully Combo" running constantly you can specify the number of failed searches before "THBully Combo" activates.

Remember, Uncheck "THbully Combo" to activates "Autobullyseach"

Set "Autobullyseach" = 0 if you want to turn oFF that option.

v1.1.1 quick fix for Village Search.

Clash Game Bot v1.1.rar

Clash Game Bot v1.1.1.rar

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