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MyBot v3.0 Goes live!

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[11:31:18 AM] The VC 2010 x86 is not installed

[11:31:18 AM] Please download here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=5555

Here is is the version you have all been waiting for!

We are proud to give to you version 3.0 of Clash Game Bot.

I am sure you will agree with me that it has been worth the wait as many new features have been added as well as many fixes/improvments.


  • New image detection system in place

  • Auto detect collectors

  • Auto detect all barracks including dark barracks

  • Attack now (see a base you want to target and with a click of a button the bot will initiate the attack sequence)

  • Brand new donation system with the ability to whitelist/blacklist keywords

  • Improved character recognition

  • Much faster donation filling requests

  • Train all troops

  • Super fast village searching (default is 0 seconds)
  • Fixed wallbreaker detection bug

  • Much improved zooming out

  • Faster troop training
  • Smartest ever seen training system which will auto fill empty slots with archers ensuring your army camps are always full
  • Smart automatic attack modes (select weak base and it will still look for dead bases' date=' select dead bases and the bot will also look for weak bases)
    [*']Auto detect your Town Hall (no more manually selecting it)
  • Lightning attack on DE storage now implemented

  • Added option to use Heroes to auto drop trophies

  • Boost spell factory option added wit hthe ability to select how many spells should be created before being used

  • Building coordinates now saved in a seperate config file so you can now share your bot settings with your friends
  • Auto upgrade building option added

  • Heroes automatically restore health by activating special abilities if not used in battle

  • Advanced troop deployment options added (drop troops on the redline, near Gold collectors/Elixir collectors & DE pumps

  • Brand new Weak Base feature which detects village Mortar and Wizard Towers

  • Removed GUI skin for lighter feel and better performance

  • Removed Bot preloader

  • Changed GUI to include tabbed options as apposed to buttons for future features

The bot will only needd to detect your building locations upon first run as the coordinates are saved within a seperate config file (if you move your barracks/town hall or collectors please delete "buildings" config and restart the bot)

There may reside some bugs as this release contain many new workings. If you encounter any please create a thread in the correct forum so that we can roll out hot fixes.

Remember if you appreciate the work everyone  at GameBot.org does then please do donate towards the development as every little helps.

All code within the source of the bot belongs to GameBot.org

You are free to modify and distribute our source providing you provide a backling to us and give credit to the developers.

We do not permit our software re-packaged under a different brand.

Clash Game Bot is protected under the GNU.

Hot Fix v3.0.1

  • Fixed some stability issues
  • Fixed DonateCC not recognising text
  • More checks added to detect if Army Camp is full

Hot Fix v3.0.2

  • Added automatic checks to ensure end user meets correct NET Framework version/VS ++

Hot Fix v3.0.3

  • Fixed "cannot locate next button" issue
  • Fixed bug that sometimes made BS disconnect due to false reading on inactivity
  • Fixed rare case of the bot sometimes clicking on "boost" when not requested

***Do NOT ask for support in this thread***

For answers to commonly asked issues check here before creating a support thread:


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