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MyBot v3.0 Goes live!

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I'm trying the bot for first time today, It is great! Super fast and works very well. But I have some advices for new features.

We should be alble to choose different max TH for dead bases and "active" bases. Also we should be able to choose the kind of attack(two sides, four sides, etc) for different types of base. For eg. I can raid a TH10 dead base easily with barch from all sides because generally the collectors are full and around the base. I can't do the same with an active TH10 base since most of the resources are inside the base in the deposits, but I can raid from 2 sides an active TH9 and steal alot of resources.

The bot should not collect resources when one of them is full, for eg. not collect dark elixir if the dark elixir storage is full.

The lightnig spell should be cast at the end of the battle, after the attack, because some times the troops can take care of stealing the DE without the need of spending the spells saving some time and elixir. And should be a minimum DE to cast spells.

Many thx for your work!

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