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MyBot v3.0 Goes live!

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was using that other bot for a week or so.. until they started to withdraw features for VIP status people only... did someone digging and found that it was stolen from your Clash Game Bot. No names will be said/written. I come here to find the source of the genius work put into this work.. only to find out that you get everything (all the features) without any payments. Man.. I've got to say this bot is absolutely the best thing.. It does everything! No more countless nights struggling to and doing so much waiting to get enough money to upgrade a building..

Now, I'm at work and have it running at home and I don't need to worry of what's going on with the bot. I just let it run and go with my day. Absolutely Phenomenal!. THanks Dev Team ! Saves me a lot of time and work to put into it.

Thank You for this new release and all future updates :)

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hi' date=' i just notice something about "training troops"... I have 4 barracks and it keeps on skipping the 2 barracks to train troops, so the other 2 barracks is always vacant.

thanks in advance...


lol... already fix by new update... hehe... thanks DEV team... your the best guys...

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