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MyBot v3.0 Goes live!

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I am very proud of everyone of the staff here at GameBot.org from the Developers to the Forum management staff. Everything you all do is very much appreciated. Big pat on the back for everyone.

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Sorry for my bad English ( is not my native language ) ...

Last week was insane ' date=' sleep max 4 hours .... new version and SC update, was a challenge for me.

I want to thank here in public to[b'] ALL TEAM  , but  especially to three persons: Sir @Didipe , Sir @Hervidero  and Sir @HunGle , long hours and sometimes exhausted, but always with the thought to finish what we had started ...I've learned a lot in these last few weeks, it was really a pleasure and a challenge for me ...

All members of this community, thank you for your patience , and the patience now to wait for some fix issues, in Name of Administration and all Developers  I can guarantee that we will be always be here to support you , sometimes fast or sometimes slow but we will alway support you.  

OpenSource  :heart:

And to paraphrase one of the team member : "... there is no "I" in the word "team"  :P  

And thx to @ProMac for you're amazing work (like DE Attack) ;)

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thanks a lot to you guys, so quick, everyday have a new version, thanks for being quick in improving the bot, there's no words can express how really appreciated those works, Hail Clash gamebot!!

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