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i did everything and still show

[4:30:59 PM] Total Army Camp capacity: 180/200

[4:30:59 PM] - No. of Goblins: 40

[4:30:59 PM] - No. of Archers: 49

[4:30:59 PM] - No. of Barbarians: 57

[4:30:59 PM] - No. of Minions: 7

[4:30:59 PM] - No. of Giants: 4

[4:30:59 PM] Training Troops...

[4:31:01 PM] Your Barrack is not available. (Upgrading? Locate another Barrack on the 'Misc' tab)

[4:31:01 PM] Army Camp not Full yet

[4:31:07 PM] Requesting Clan Castle Troops

[4:31:09 PM] Request has already been made

[4:31:12 PM] ====== Waiting for full army ======

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Salute & thanks to all the developers......... not because u all gave a wonderful software but because of ur devotion of time & knowledge........

May u all proper in ever steps of ur life & dreams....

I believe like me many other user do think the same......... Great on & let bot clashon......



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