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Seems many people are asking regarding ClashOfClan latest Update. Here is the Compiled and uncompiled version with the hotfix for barracks. We are aware that there is much more bugs to be fixed and this is NOT V3.0 :P

Fixed barracks not found, upgrading of walls (maybe) , Rearming of Xbow,inferno tower and traps

Fixed Archer not training.


The time has come!

We wish to thank all of our community members for the continues support and loyalty shown towards our development. We are pleased be be able to give to you our latest release Clash MyBot v2.0.1

** Note **  You must delete your old Config.ini!   Or install the bot to a new folder.


v2.0 Change log:

  • Complete GUI overhaul
  • New bot users no longer need to manually resize BlueStacks (simply launch the bot and BlueStacks and the bot will do the rest)
  • Fixed an issue where users would experience the Bot to hang upon launching
  • The ability to manually activate your Hero special abilities after your preferred time frame
  • The ability for your Hero's special ability to activate automatically activate when low health is detected
  • Improved attack option (TH outside)
  • Added Wizards as an extra troop
  • Added search reduction setup (resources will drop after x number of searches)
  • Added option to raid after troop capacity reaches "x%"
  • Donation chat requests now detect spaces between words
  • Bot checks for donation requests and recognizes them almost instantly
  • Added option for trophies (now includes minimum & maximum)
  • Added new Army composition
  • Added ability for the bot to not train troops (select "0" for Archers, Barbarians, Goblins)
  • Improved the battle end option which sometimes would return home with false Gold/Elixir detected changes
  • Improved stats page with more detailed information showing you exactly how your bot is performing.
  • Optimized certain functions to reduce the "out of sync" issue
  • Stats page overhaul giving much more detail as to how your bot is performing
  • Many other minor bug fixes

Fixes for the end user to correct if you encounter the following:

Bot doesn't detect all resource collectors:

Navigate to: COCBot\functions\Village\Collect.au3  ---> FIND: If _ImageSearch(@ScriptDir & "\images\collect.png", 1, $collx, $colly, 20)  , change 20 ---> 25or 30 or 35

If you don't have any dark barrack, spell factory:

Navigate to: COCBot\CGB Global Variables.au3 , change the value of:  $barrackNumSpecial  to the amount of barracks you have

If you have the issue where your army camp is not detecting the capacity correctly (eg. read 22 when 225):

Navigate to: COCBot\CGB Global Variables.au3 , change the value of: $TotalCamp = 0 to the correct number: 225

Walls not always detected correctly.

Army camp not detected at all capacities (ea. 225), please use fix above.


We have included 2 downloads:

The full source

Standalone exe (for those who don't want to install Autoit)

Remember, we are the true developers of Clash Game Bot, if you see our source implemented within another bot anywhere else you know it is not the real deal.

** Remember **  You must delete your old Config.ini!   Or install the bot to a new folder.

Clash on!

Clash Game Bot v2.0.rar

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