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List of VPS providers with free trial

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Is this vps spec are enough to run bot? or should i get 2 core vps instead of 1 core?

2048 MB Memory

1 Core Processor

35 GB SATA Storage

3072 GB Transfer

You can try with 1 core. but recommended 2 cores.

Which VPS provider is that? hope you give a review here.

its https://verelox.com/cloud/ but today i bought cloudsigma vps someone told me its not but its not its lag too much even the bot is not running tho keep staying on idle status.

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Aren't there any provider who accepts pre-paid card :@

AFAIK, most providers don't except pre-paid credit card (PCC) or virtual credit card (VCC) for new registration. However, once you passed their registration fraud checks, you are able to use your PCC or VCC as secondary payment options.

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has anyone tried Microsoft Azure? I got the 30 days trial with 7.5GB ram' date=' but no way to run that fkin bluestacks. it's stuck on "initializing". any suggest?

EDIT. oh nvm, just found out that Azure doesn't support bluestacks.


Yes, read my OP to save your time and $

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