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[MOD]{V2.0] LazyManV201 = Auto building and Hero upgrades

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Well, Its finally here! :D

The updated LazyMan (version 2.01) MOD.  :thumbup:

This version now offers smart upgrading, as it checks required loot, and using the minimum loot settings (from Wall upgrade), will only make updates when you want it to.


This new version is only possible thanks to several folks who helped figure out the reading of red text in the upgrades as discussed at length in this thread:


There are a tremendous number of file changes in this MOD. As shared above it provides a new GUI tab, and adjusts the look of the BOT some.  The big additions are the GUI with status indicators, new functions to locate/upgrade anything (even specific walls if you want), and the addition of the red text reading.

My usually all encompassing script file of all changes is over 2000 lines long, I can't even paste it here due posting size limitations.

And since this MOD is large, I have also made it easier for the really Lazy Folks! :P

All of the files changed from the V20 original release are contained in 1 downloadable rar file.  Simply download it, and overwrite the files from a fresh copy of V2.0 GameBot.

I have not released a full copy of all files as a fully working BOT, as I believe that if you can't read a little code script and deal with replacing files on a PC, you don't deserve to be using modified open source code!

Here's the added/changed files download link!!

As with all MOD's - There are some things to know:

A) There is a 3 step process to using this MOD:

1) click the locate buttons to select the upgrades which changes the status to yellow

2) Click the "Get info on upgrades" button to learn the upgrade cost and type and fill in the GUI  information

3) Enable the upgrade via the checkbox.  The checkboxes will get unchecked if there are errors or when the upgrade is done and the status indicator turns green!

4) If you change your mind or want new upgrades, simply press the "Reset building upgrades" button and it will forget the previous settings so you can start over.

B) It is very difficult to use the auto wall and auto upgrade at same time.  The auto buildings upgrade uses the same min loot settings as the auto wall, and it will turn off auto wall if its enabled once you check the upgrades. You can turn it back on, but don't post bug reports if weird things happen or upgrades never happen. The only way they both work politely together is if the only upgrades selected are hero's, and all the gold/elixir is going into walls.

C) Known issues/limitations:

1) The hero upgrade will sometimes mistake the "Guard" button for upgrade button and post some error messages when nothing happens as it puts the hero to sleep. If the hero is sleeping or healing then it can be located/checked without errors.

2) When there is not enough loot to upgrade, the value is displayed in red.  The new red text reading code is working best I can tell, but has not been tested for all number combinations. 

The number "74" is completely untested.  A few others are barely tested. 

If you get errors, there is code included in the "LocateUpgrade.au3" file that has been commented out.  If you remove the comments and rerun the upgrade find/info process, you will be able to verify the upgrade values manually, and even save images of the text that a developer can use to find a solution. Thanks in advance if you can provide this help. :)

That's all!

Cheers! :cool:

PS - No warranty is offered on this code, so no whining please.  :dodgy:

Update -  April 29 2015:


I have updated the code slightly to fix an error in the settime function, and to update getdigit function now that "74" was found and the characters have been tested more thoroughly. The Rar file is now V2.01, just so people know its changed. The link above has been updated.

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Congratulations! Really happy to see the results of our hardwork! Expecting many more great works from you! :)

@knowjack About things to know B), I think a separate global variable should do the job. And can you create a GitHub repository for this mod? Makes it easier for developers to contribute.

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