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We want to thank everyone who contributed to this project, was a wonderful journey this First Year.


- We begin to move to another section some old Mods , we will not delete any, just move it to : Archived Mods

- We organize code modifications to make it easier to find feature, or entire modified bot.

- We begin to delete Threads with other subject that is not MOD or Code Snippets in this section

- We begin to Promote all good contributors to TOP contributors , lets spread some love.


What do we expect from you?

- Good ideas with some knowledge

- Not only a merge old codes, please bring some new code with new features that do not exist.

- Help community by creating code for features on existing suggestion backlog HERE

- A well tested release without "rude" errors, like variables not declared or not known functions, etc.

- A Good information about your release, all code routines changed, recommended settings if not defaults, etc.


Simple Rules :

- Coding Best Practices : READ

- Must share source code changes in post or share link to source code repository that is not download only link. (Use GitHub and you can Fork original source code!)

- Looking for help in developing your own mod or just want support in modifying an already made available mod? HERE

- Any Support & Help for a specific Mod , please post in the Original Mod Thread

- Respect to be Respected , we are a open Source Community BUT are not "a bordello"

- Last but not least , any develop tool is in this section : HERE

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Add details to expectations and rules. :)
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