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[Guide] How Use and Make CSV Attack Script Files

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Warning! This feature is still in beta state and may have bugs! NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner MyBot.run users. Only experienced users with significant bot knowledge should attempt to create new scripts

I'm looking forward to see new lavaloonion, gowipe etc. algorithms here Also you guys don't need de side attack or four fingers mods anymore. You can create yours with this. You can make an attack li

I have been doing some testing of the CSV, I think your tutorial is mis-worded, at least the way I read it.     When I read that, it looks like if you have INDEX set to 6-10, and you

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On 2/6/2021 at 7:19 AM, PriapusCranium said:

Did you read release thread or release notes on v7.9 where log launcher support was added? 😳


Oh yes thanks I haven't tested it in a CSV yet.  I guess I'll load it on my lower acct and see how well it works.   Also, my accts suddenly say they have reached the daily donation limit but I have it setup to always donate tho.  Any ideas what I'm missing here::










I placed 999 to avoid any issues and worked for a while but I've seen the bot stop donating for daily limit reached but obviously it hasn't. 


Hey guys for replying I have addressed the issue on the AIO thread.  I guess I should keep the standard MBR when there are hiccups in the mods.  Thanks. 

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in this make line:


bot is targeting an eagle as a drop point for a spell, right? im confused with the SIDE (FRONT-RIGHT) is the bot trying to detect the eagle on the front-right quadrant of the map? what if the eagle is, let say, on the right-back quadrant. will the bot detect that?

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Hi all. I've got a problem. I heven't been using mybot for about half a year and just upgraded to v7.9.2 and my csv attack become broken (it worked before).
It has 11 trops slots and needs attack bar to be scrolled and after it's scrolled to drop rage spell from cc (it's in 11 slot) it can not drop it and the next troops as well.
1) Is it a known bug?

2) Has someone the same problem with scrolling attack bar?

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