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HEUR/APC Virus detected on Mybot.run.exe

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From autoit wiki:

If you have been using AutoIt for any length of time you will know that it is a great and powerful scripting language. As with all powerful languages there comes a downside: virus creation by those with malicious intent. AutoIt has no viruses installed on your system, and if a script you have created has been marked as a virus (and you're not malicious) then this is a false positive. The most common cause is an AntiVirus engine has found a set of instructions in an AutoIt EXE and deemed it malicious, took the general signature of the file, and has now flagged all (or most) AutoIt EXE's. This can be due to several reasons:

Compiled AutoIt scripts can optionally be compressed with UPX. UPX is an open source software compression packer. It is used with many viruses (to make them smaller).

A malicious scripter got the AutoIt script engine recognized as a virus.

There are more ways your executable could be marked; this topic covers only the most common causes.

The bot might be marked as a virus because it takes control of another window(bluestacks), which is what many viruses do.

Add the bot's folder to your antivirus exception list. Make sure your antivirus hasn't deleted any files from the bot folder.

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