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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
    • monkeyhunter

      MyBot.run V7.0.1 RELEASED!   02/27/2017

      The MyBot.run team continues the legacy with V7.0.1 Release!   Please note that v7 is a MAJOR version release.  This release has code breaking changes for MOD code made for previous releases. Roughly 60% of code has been refactored with major changes to global variable names, user interface internals, and other code design improvements.   DO NOT USE OLD v6 PROFILE FOLDERS!

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  1. Doc Oc Mod 3.6.1 *2017* TeamDocOc Based on Mybot V7.0.1 **Don't use the existent profile folders** Persian OCR/Text Support in Donation Warden forced timer Activation, separated from King and Queen CSV new commands ZAP , SideP , DropS, Remain GoblinXP Mode Classic FFF Humanize the Bot Collect Treasury Mod Change Log : _____ ____ ____ __ | __ \ / __ \ |___ \ / / | | | | ___ ___ | | | | ___ __ ____) |/ /_ | | | |/ _ \ / __|| | | |/ __| \ \ / /__ <| '_ \ | |__| | (_) | (__ | |__| | (__ \ V /___) | (_) | |_____/ \___/ \___(_)____/ \___| \_/|____(_)___/ - MBR Official v7.0.1 - Organize files for DocOC - Added DocOC Logo - Added Mod version check - Added Debug Button - Added General Mod Tab - Added Treasury TAB - Added Humanization TAB - Added GoblinXP TAB - Added Classic FFF - Added Warden forced timer Activation, separated from King and Queen - Added TH images from DocOC - Added Use imgloc on all detections : Resources - Added CSV commands , DropS , SideP , Zap, Remain - Added Switch Account Tab - Allow Earthquake for NoobZap too - Make Attack Script Dropdown scrollable - Fix SmartZap update statistics on early exit, when DE in attacked base reaches 0 Doc Oc v3.5.5 - Fix GDI issue on SuperXP - Fix Notify v1.5.8 - Force Request Clan Castle Troops before the while train - New deploy position for giants on standard attack Doc Oc v3.5.4 - Fix the Clan Castle Spells capacity - Fix Wait Clan Castle Spells comparing with GUI - Fix TH detection and smart zap - Add code to restart the UxSms on Win_7 on MEMu (Aero Theme Problem and Imgloc) - Add Collect Treasury Doc Oc v3.5.3 - Official 6.5.3 - Fix for Cannot find train Window - Fix Bad pixel check on troop position - Fix for detecting Air Defence in Weak Base - Add Bot Humanization - Add Clusterattack to SmartZap, zapping multiple drills at once - Improve Search Tab - Improve Walls Upgrade Tab Doc Oc v3.5.2 - Fix Locate brew spells icons for any event - Fix Bully Mode issues on Search Village (found by @Gerd) - Add Debug Button on GUI with a script to zip all necessary files and upload directly to 'dropfile' - Add Support for SLEEPBEFORE column in CSV - Add CSV without Redlines , External Edges - Improved Persian OCR - Improve the Lighting Spell detection and Freeze on Train - Improve Smart Zap - Removed the ice Wizard from GUI , but the code is prepared Doc Oc v3.5.1 - Fix the train order with Ice Wizard - Fix the CSV attack error - Fix the EarthQuake spell on Smart N00b Mode Doc Oc v3.5 - Official 6.5.2 - Fix the Healer Slot , train window - Fix Smart Zap N00b Mode - Fix the Air Def. values on GUI / Weak Base - Fix the GUI glitch on train when the Barbs , Giants , Arch and Wallb are set to zero and level zero but the input box doesn't disappear - Fix Bully Mode issues on search village - Fix VillageSearch checks for dead base even if dead base search is not activated. - Add Logo - Add Version checker - Add Classic FFF - Add New edges coordinates , used on FFF - Add Persian OCR/Text Support in Donation - Add New detection of Train/Brew slots | image detection (prepared for any new event) - Add CSV new commands ZAP , SideP , DropS, Remain - Warden forced timer Activation, separated from King and Queen - Add Ice Wizard on train and Attack - Improve Standard attack : changed the CC deploy after deploy Giants, wall breaker before barbarians - Improve The Smart Zap with Spells Level detection on attack Bar - Improve The Logs on Smart Zap and GUI - Bot startup faster NOTES : - Add New detection of Train/Brew slots : All $Train'Troop' variables are empty [-1] , on first loop the imgloc will detect position of troop to train and store [0] X positiom , [1] Y position , [2] Color to check , [3] Tolerance. If was not detected, because is gray / full , or doesn't exist will store again the [-1]. All $Full'Troop' variables are empty , after $train'Troop' routine , will check gray color on [i] symbol in each slot , symbol [i] positions previous stored. If the slot is NOT Full will be Blue not Gray. - Warden forced timer Activation, separated from King and Queen : Warden haves a check/input box to force the activation by timer. All the timers are stored AFTER the Heroes deployment and not on final of script like the old method. Work on standard attack and CSV attack. The function CheckHeroesHealth have the auto and timer routine. - CSV commmnads , DropS , SideP , Zap and Remain : SideP ...you can say multi side or whatever and each side will calculate current/buildings, you can use this to determine a new side in csv several times, And SideP using Parallel Search and is more fast than default method AND Rewrite the 'MAKE' command after SIDEP commands are necessary (to update the drop positions) Only Elixir Collectors/Gold Mines/Dark Elixir Drills are Supported, 'Yet' DropS (1). DEFENSE for now only selected buildings can be type: INFERNO ADEFENCE EAGLE (2). OPTIONS "R:F,B:T,S:S,L:T" ! Those Named as Options (Or Whatever you want to name/call it)! : - Options should be entered in this Syntax: "PARAM:VALUE,ParamN:ValueN" - Option Parameters Are: "R", "B", "S" and "L" - Values T/F is Turn on/off or True/False - Values For "R" Parameter! is To Randomize Drop Point with Low Values to be More Human Like! after fair play i suggest for always randomize - Values For "B" Parameter! is To Drop Spell Between Defense! Useful for Spells Like Freeze Spell, ONLY INFERNO TOWERS are Supported for this parameter if its FALSE, Don't Drop Spell Between Defense EVEN If it was possible to affect them with ONE Spell - Values For "S" Parameter! is Side * "S" Value is SameSide, where * "O" Value is OppositeSide, ONLY Drop IF The Defense Is Located In The Other Side (Opposite), If MainSide Detected as BOTTOM, Will Drop Spell ONLY IF The Defense Is Located in TOP * "A" Value is AnySide, Drop Spell And Ignore Where it's Located And It's Side! - Values For "L" Parameter! is Locate if its true then it will locate location at start (NOTE:it will drop on destroyed buildings if enabled) - ZAP is like DROP command DeploySide i dont have to explain twise ;), Like DropS, BUT In Zap, It Also Support the Drill Index/Number, recommended to put Drill Index/Number, E.g: 1 Lightning and Earth is set to be true/fale or use/dont use LCount and ECount max lightning Check can be set A or Always for check if drill is there or not (destroyed) and N or No for dont check (can drop on destroyed drills) MinDE minimum DE to check if Drop - Remain This command will detect the remain troops and drop left over troops GUIDE : DOWNLOAD : MBR_v7.0.1_DocOC.3.6.1.rar Contribution from : @N2delay , @MR.ViPeR , @TheRevenor , @IceCube , @TripleM , @Roro-Titi Thks to : @Belmont , @mantaka , @ahsan iqbal , @Swede , @rulesss , @Illegal Command , @cat , @RuiF , @khalid , @Z E O N , @RoPa , etc
  2. After countless hours of keyboard bashing and lots of caffeine / beer, we are proud to release to you MyBot.Run v6.5 that works with the December update ! Version 6.5.x .:. The only Bot with True Background Mode and Multi-Bot support .:. (Download link is at the bottom of this post, but please read the entire post before downloading. There is a lot of important information.) How To Install And Run: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation Known Issues: Spoiler has known issues at release. We will track reported bug list found in this thread >> Here... 6.5.3 Changelog: * Add Donation of 2 Space Spells * Add new Detection of Troops in Training Window using ImgLoc * Fix deadbase search during trophy drop * Fix error deploying all available heros during trophy drop * Fix SmartZap And N00bZap Mode * Fix Full Drop line first Redline point not starting/ending at axis position * Fix using selected redline stratey in CSV Attack on live base when standard attack (not used!) had DES or TH attack selected * Fix weak base detection mixing live and dead base settings * Fix Donation Clan Mates Filter setting not saved when Cyrillic/Chinese Alphabet Recoginition checked * Fix "cannot use ADB on shared folder" error for BlueStacks (and probably other Androids) related to a timing issue * Fix Training Minions instead of Bowlers issue * Fix Incorrect statistics of Donate Wizz, Ball, Golem and Witch * Fix Check Dark Elixier Full does not work on Attack Screen * Fix Language not shown correct on fresh Profiles * Fix to use SearchCamps before not use when bot is in idle mode only wait full camps * Fix Bully Mode errors on search Village * Fix Glitch on GUI when the troops are level 0 and the input box don't disappears. * Improve search performance not measuring village when resources don't match * Improve watchdog not restarting crashed bot when manually restarted within 2 Minutes * Improve the Lighting Spell detection , on armyover view window * Revert forced ADB clicks for BS 2.5.x to WinAPI/ControlClick as not required anymore * Update Turkish Language By @TuborGRedTR And @CHiNo- * Update Icons for Troops and Spells extract from DEC Update * Add New detection of Train/Brew slots * Add Red Line Option on CSV to deploy on external Edges Previous Changelogs: AutoIt and Malware / Antivirus : https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware The bot is not a virus. It is made with a scripting language named AutoIt, which is sometimes used by people to create malware. This causes antivirus programs to mark ALL AutoIt programs as viruses, even if they don't harm your system. The AutoIt code of the bot is freely available; you can look through it and compile it yourself if you are worried. If the bot is detected by your antivirus software, add its folder to your antivirus exception list/whitelist and download the bot again. DOWNLOAD : 6.5- [20/12/2016] Use this download link: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/archive/MBR_6.5.3.zip Prior releases: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/releases